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Changes to the live guide can occur at any time between releases, so review this changelog to see what may have changed since your 2.4.0 build date.

Post-Release Changes[edit]

Any changes made to the current version of the live guide.

  • AMUMSS installation steps have been updated to ensure users have the correct prerequisites installed
  • AMUMSS initialization steps have been updated to help users get the program set up better
  • A notice has been added to the NMS PCBANKS Explorer section to make users aware it being an optional step, unless customization will be made. Additionally, since the section is optional, it has been contained within a spoiler. Simply expand to follow the directions, if desired.


Resource Files[edit]

What's New[edit]

This is the official v2.4.0 release of our No Man's Sky modding guide. Below is a summary of the major changes this release brings:

Recommended Game Mode[edit]

The recommended game mode for the Guide is now the "Custom" mode. The Custom Mode is new with game version 4.0, which is basically the result of Hello Games saying, "you know the game the way you want to play it!" Step agrees and Custom Mode allows users to tailor the game to the experience they desire. Anything from pure sandbox and free costs to a survival death match with permadeath.

Step's goal has always been to lean toward the exploration side of the game, aspired by the original game versions. New elements that have been introduced since aren't removed but are rather reigned in. This prevents these newer elements, like expanded focus on combat, from distracting from more casual, exploration gameplay. Since many of the Guide's adjustments in this area are now available within Custom Mode, they have been removed going forward. As such, some basic recommendations for using Custom Mode are provided to gain back what was removed from the Guide. Users will find this new heading with recommendations at the end of the Guide.

Guide-Level Changes[edit]

This update is to officially support No Man's Sky:Waypoint.

  • Updated Graphic Driver Recommendations
  • Added recommendations for staring a new game using new Custom game mode
  • Grammar correction and clarification throughout
  • Removed HauntedKobra's Skip tutorial from Quality of Life Mods section since skipping the tutorial is now an option in Custom game mode.
  • Removed Reduced Launch Cost from Quality of Life Mods section since altering fuel consumption is now an option in Custom game mode.

Mod-Level Changes[edit]


Added | new mod added (add these mods)
Moved | mod was moved to a new ModGroup (move these mods)
Updated | mod instructions updated
Incorporated | mod is included in the Step Patch - Conflict Resolution (remove these mods)
Dropped / Replaced | mod was removed (remove these mods)


  • This section has been "soft-removed" from the Guide.
Better Planet Generation currently causes issues such as crashes, freezes, and missing LODs. Until it's updated, Step recommends users skipping Foundation. However, for those who are willing to deal with the issues they may unhide the section and complete it. These users do so with full knowledge they may have these issues, which have the potential to cause their games to become unplayable.
With that said, all users should be advised that Better Planet Generation will be officially re-added once it's updated. Users should be aware that when installing Better Planet Generation on a save that didn't have the mod from the beginning will cause planets to change, sometimes drastically. This means users who plan to play without Better Planet Generation and add it later may find their perfect, resource-filled planet turn into a wasteland.
These are things for the user to consider before moving forward. It may be best to simply wait for Better Planet Generation to be updated before committing to a long-term game.


  • Exosolar's Grass Fix | Optional edits to the LUA were added to correct some excessive clipping with ground clutter and small resources.

06-Models & Textures[edit]




  • Better Base Sites - the mod no long offers a LUA and conflicts with other mods in the Guide, making it unusable; thus, it has been dropped.

Resource Files (aka, 20-Patches)[edit]

Step NoMansSky Resource Files | The following has changes happened the Resource Files:

  • Removed the script errors and warnings produced in AMUMSS from all Resource Files
  • Updated many line numbers within all files
Instead of providing detailed changes, like in the past, the below file changes will be summaries from this version forward.
Gameplay Globals[edit]
  • Removed BinocCreatureScanTime that adjusted the amount of time it takes to scan creations with the binoculars. Vanilla value is now sufficient.
Graphics Globals[edit]
  • Removed ShadowLengthFreighter that adjusted the distance freighters would cast shadows. Vanilla value is greater than previously provided value.
Player Globals[edit]
  • Rebalanced rate the suit energy is drained
  • Lowered the jetpack times to rebalance with new game customizations
  • Removed the following settings since they have been removed by Hello Games:
    HardModeEnergyDischargeRateLow, HardModeEnergyDischargeRateMedium, HardModeEnergyDischargeRateHigh, JetpackFillRateHardMode
Vehicle Globals[edit]
  • Removed VehScanLocPulseRange that previously adjusted the local range of a vehicle radar pulse. Vanilla is now greater than previously provided value.
Environment Hazards[edit]
  • All hazard protection times have been rebalanced. Rather than doubled, they have been increased by one-third (1/3). This keeps later technology upgrades from being over powered.
  • All hazard damages have been rebalanced. They will now do slightly more damage vs previous versions, but still ~40% less vs vanilla for extreme cold and heat, ~60% less for gas, and radiation is now the same as vanilla.