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Changes to the live guide can occur at any time between releases, so review this changelog to see what may have changed since your 2.3.0 build date.

Post-Release Changes[edit]

Any changes made to the current version of the live guide.


Resource Files[edit]

What's New[edit]

This is the official v2.3.0 release of our No Man's Sky modding guide. As Hello Games kept pushing back the next release and growing the size of their update, so too grew the size of this Guide release! Below is a summary of the major changes this release brings:

Asteroid Generation[edit]

Much of this release was focused on taming the asteroid fields. Many settings have been added and tweaked in towards that goal. Overall the fields will be more sparse, however, the asteroid orientation has been changed as well. Players will find smaller asteroids nearer orbital bodies with the larger asteroids starting to appear further out. Keep in mind that each system's generation will still be unique so some systems may have more or fewer asteroids than others.

Pirate Attacks[edit]

The probability of a few events causing pirates to appear have been lowered by half or more. After playing for some time, we came to the realization that the Outlaws updates caused pirates to appear more often. It seemed every few flights pirates would appear, which is rather annoying after a while. Turns out one of the settings was set at 50%, which meant it was literally the flip of a coin for pirates to show during these events.

Planet Biome Generation[edit]

Changes to the planet biome generation is the largest addition in this release. Please understand that this is a very large change from the vanilla generations! There is problem in the vanilla game with the way Hello Games have planet biomes set up. Even though procedurally generated, biomes are rather limited by their tables. After enough gameplay players will notice that similar categorized planets start looking very similar to one another, regardless of system. This can become apparent even before the end of the start mission, if players warp around enough.

The only way to remedy this is to completely rebuild the tables and allow biomes to access more of the game's assets for each biome. There are a few mods that accomplish this, however, Step has chosen to use Better Planet Generation (BPG) for this task. It accomplishes all that is needed and does so in a way that is true to the vanilla style. Players will experience a far broader range of planet biome variations, and should rarely, if ever, encounter planets that are identical like vanilla allows. BPG also reintroduces some biomes that was cut from the vanilla game, like a water world.


Several settings aimed to smooth out and improve most ship docking/landing events have been added. Also, all of the ships gun's and rocket's firing range have been increased with approximately one-third distance added. This was added due to the increase in loading distance to the asteroids and other elements. Since those increases, the distance the vanilla weapons fired always felt shallow; therefore, they've finally been addressed.

Guide-Level Changes[edit]

This update is to officially support No Man's Sky:Endurance.

  • Added Foundation mod group.
  • Added some tips for new players to the end of the Guide.
  • Grouped a part of the end of the Guide into a new "Step 4" section
  • Moved Quality of Life mods section up to the end of the mod list
  • Refined clarity and formatting throughout
  • Removed Animation & Physics mod group as it no longer contained mods
  • Updated small bits of the AMUMSS setup and initialization.

Mod-Level Changes[edit]


Added | new mod added (add these mods)
Moved | mod was moved to a new ModGroup (move these mods)
Updated | mod instructions updated
Incorporated | mod is included in the Step Patch - Conflict Resolution (remove these mods)
Dropped / Replaced | mod was removed (remove these mods)



05-Animation & Physics[edit]


06-Models & Textures[edit]


  • Blackhole BAAA | Endurance included an impressive new black hole, therefore, this mod was dropped.
  • Mangroves | Redundant with the addition of Better Planet Generation.





  • LightFix | Relocated to the Lighting & Weather mod group & instructions updated.



18-Lighting & Weather[edit]


Resource Files (aka, 20-Patches)[edit]

Step NoMansSky Resource Files | The following has changes happened the Resource Files:

  • Incorporated Dark Space from Clean Space Origins and customized it further to produce darker space fog and "sky" colors while improving nebulas
  • Incorporated Reduced Speedlines from Clean Space Origins due to CSO's version being outdated
  • There have been numerous adjustments to various settings throughout the files for refinement
  • Removed the script errors and warnings produced in AMUMSS from all Resource Files
  • Updated many line numbers within all files
Instead of providing detailed changes, like in the past, the below file changes will be summaries from this version forward. Details can be found within each of the Resource's LUA files.
Projectile Table
Newly added is the Projectile Table located at: ..\METADATA\PROJECTILES\PROJECTILETABLE.MBIN.
  • The following ship weapons have had their ranges increased by 50%: Gun, Shotgun, Minigun, Plasma Gun, and Rocket
  • The Squad's gun damage has been increased to something sensible to make them more useful; overall a full squad will equal the same damage is the player's base gun.
AI Spaceship Globals
  • Many adjustments made to improve player and NPC ship landings
Graphic Globals
Player Globals
  • Reduced the chance of pirate attacks
Solar Generation Globals
  • Reduced the chance of pirate attacks
  • Slightly increased the chances of creatures in asteroids
  • Adjusted a great deal of asteroid settings to overhaul their generation.
    • All will generally be larger and spaced further apart, making them more spares
    • View distances are greatly increased and their positions in the field improved
    • Asteroid generation will vary from system to system by design.
Spaceship Globals
  • Made adjustments to improve player and NPC ship landings
  • Removed the previously adjusted hover height the ship hovers at during take-off. Vanilla is now sufficient.