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Changes to the live guide can occur at any time between releases, so review this changelog to see what may have changed since your 2.2.0 build date.

Post-Release Changes[edit]

Any changes made to the current version of the live guide.


Resource Files[edit]

What's New[edit]

This is the official v2.2.0 release of our No Man's Sky modding guide.


Going forward, LUA scripts will be utilized for merging mods with the Guide's Resource Files; thus, AMUMSS will be used. This change is necessary to add flexibility in adding and maintaining mods to the Guide, as well as, helping to reduce maintenance overhead for Curators. What this means for users will have a bit more work to set up the Guide. Per usual, we walk users through every step. This also means users who are comfortable with the process can more easily add customization beyond what the Guide provides.

This is a major change in the method the Guide is using which facilitates the move to a major version according to Step's versioning scheme.

Guide-Level Changes[edit]

This update is to officially support No Man's Sky:Endurance.

  • Added a Quality of Life mods section at the end of the Guide.
  • Updated throughout with various grammar corrections and instruction clarification
  • Updated small bits of the AMUMSS setup and initialization

Mod-Level Changes[edit]


Added | new mod added (add these mods)
Moved | mod was moved to a new ModGroup (move these mods)
Updated | mod instructions updated
Incorporated | mod is included in the Step Patch - Conflict Resolution (remove these mods)
Dropped / Replaced | mod was removed (remove these mods)

06-Models & Textures[edit]


  • Blackhole BAAA | Endurance now includes an impressive new black hole, therefore, this mod was dropped.


Resource Files (aka, 20-Patches)[edit]

Step NoMansSky Resource Files | The following has changes happened the Resource Files:

  • Incorporated the Reduced Speedlines from Clean Space Origins due to CSO's version being outdated
  • Updated many line numbers within all files
Environmental Globals
  • removed LODAdjust changes as they are no long needed
Gameplay Globals
  • added torch interaction FOV set to 100 (same as regular torch FOV); default 120
  • corrected a typo that was causing an issue with the surveyor
  • corrected the Debug Scan ranges
  • removed touch/flashlight strength adjustment
Gameplay Globals
  • added ShadowLengthFreighter set to 300; default 150
  • added MaxParticleRenderRange set to 150; default 75
Player Globals
  • added GroundWalkSpeedTeleportHmd set to 6.4 to match the rest of the walking speeds; default 4.4
  • lowered FreeJetpackRange to 18 from 20; default 3
  • lowered FreeJetpackRangePrime to 32 from 40; default 5
  • lowered FreeJetpackRangeNonTerrain to 15 from 20; default 1.1
  • increased SpaceJetpackMaxSpeed to 30 from 25; default 10
Sky Globals
  • added StormWarningTime set to 40; default 25
  • added StormTransitionTime set to 30; default 20
Solar Generation Globals
  • updated the entire file to support the large changes from Endurance update
  • added Spacing for rare asteroids set to 1200; default 850
  • added FadeRange for rare asteroids set to 14000; default 9000
  • converted all *AsteroidFadeRangeMax settings to the new FadeRage setting
  • lowered FadeRange for ring asteroids to 12000, previously 16000; default 3000
  • removed all of Clean Space Origins asteroid noise ranges
  • removed all *AsteroidFadeRangeMin settings as they're no longer valid
  • removed AsteroidMaxNumGeneratesPulseJump as the setting is no longer valid
  • removed NoiseScale for common asteroids (previous setting: AsteroidNoiseScale) as vanilla is now higher than it was previously raised
  • removed Spacing for large asteroids (previous setting: LargeAsteroidSpacing) as vanilla is now higher than it was previously raised
Spaceship Globals
  • added GroundHeightBrakeMultiplier set to 2.4; default 1.2
  • added MiniWarpNoAsteroidRadius set to 3000; default 1500
  • removed MiniWarpStoppingMarginStation as the setting is no longer valid