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Info-Logo.png Notice:
Changes to the live guide can occur at any time between releases, so review this changelog to see what may have changed since your 0.2.0 build date.

What's New[edit]

New Direction
Step Guides are taking a new direction. Please read the article to understand how future Guides will be handled and released.

This is the beta release of our No Man's Sky modding guide. So see the wide list of changes it includes, please see our Nexus Mods page.

Step NoMansSky Resource Files[edit]

In a desire merge changes from several mods, the Step NoMansSky Resource Files have been created. No only are several mod changes merged, but they also include a large collect of our own changes and tweaks. This is a required file for all Guide users as it's the cornerstone of the Guide.

Release Changes[edit]

The below changes are listed for the Beta Guide users. These changes have happen between releases.

Guide Changes[edit]

  • Slowed cloud animations.
  • Increased the distance asteroids will be visible.
  • Doubled the maximum approach speed for the Anomaly.
  • Shorten the range that boost can be used around the Anomaly.
  • Fixed not being able to build wood floors outside the base radius.
  • Slowed the guidance/metric lines during warp to help reduce the potential for motion sickness and headaches.

Mod List Changes[edit]


Heading Description
Added ... new mod added to the Guide this release.
Incorporated ... mod was incorporated into the Guide's Resource Files. Users should remove these mods.
Moved ... mod was moved to a new Mod Group.
Updated ... mod instructions were updated.
Dropped / Replaced ... mod was removed from Guide. Users should remove these mods.

Models & Textures[edit]

  • Clean Space Origins | The reduced boost and warp "lines" from this mod helps reduce the potential for motion sickness and headaches.

Sounds & Music[edit]


Gameplay - General[edit]

Dropped / Replaced

Resource Files[edit]

  • Step NoMansSky Resource Files | Included the Rewards Table to merges changes from Better Base Sites and Sensible Planetary Charts, and removed files that Clean Space Origins includes.

Post-Release Changes[edit]

Any changes made to the live Guide before another release is committed. These changes will be moved to the upper section during the next release to ensure they are not missed.

Post Guide Changes[edit]

Post Mod List Changes[edit]