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Project Nevada

by PN Team




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As of 2021 Project Nevada is very outdated and should not be used as a standalone mod. However, it adds some lore-friendly weapons and armor that one might want to use with the help of Project Nevada-Equipment Standalone.


This mod should be placed before The Mod Configuration Menu in the left pane of MO.
  1. Download the main file.
  2. From the FOMOD installer tick only the Core' and Equipment modules, then select [Install].
  3. During installation MO should warn you that a newer version of the MCM is detected. Click [Yes] to keep the standalone version of the MCM.
  4. Once the installation is complete, double-click on Project Nevada in the left pane of MO to open the MO menu and go to the Optional ESPs tab.
  5. Move all plugins to the Optional ESPs box.