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What's New[edit]

New Direction[edit]

STEP Guides are taking a new direction. Please read the article to understand how future Guides will be handled and released.

More Mods[edit]

The new direction brings the Guide closer to previous "Extended" guides, therefore with this release, over 60 new mods have been added! This really brings the Guide to life!

New Mod Group[edit]

A new mod group has been added with this release: Gameplay - Skills and Perks

STEP Patches[edit]

Most of the patch information can now be found on their forum topic.

Release Changes[edit]

The changes below have been made since the previous release.

Guide Changes[edit]

  • Various updates to grammar throughout.
  • Fixed mis-matched image in DynDOLOD section.
  • Added ENB list to end of Step 6.
  • Added missing prompts to MO and BethINI instructions.
  • Added manual cleaning instructions for Dawnguard.esm to the Guide rather than an external link.
  • Added symbol to the "spoiler" text in the Guide, which hides the detailed instructions. This should help to distinguished them from regular links.
  • Updated the instructions for cleaning the vanilla masters.
  • Update MCM section for newest mod additions.

Mod List Changes[edit]

  • SkyrimSE:SKSE64 - updated the named folder in the instructions to prevent confusion with SKSE (LE)
Foundational Mods[edit]
Audiovisual - Animations & Effects[edit]
Audiovisual - Models & Textures[edit]
Audiovisual - Sounds & Music[edit]
Character Appearance[edit]
Gameplay - General[edit]
Gameplay - AI & Combat[edit]
Gameplay - Economy & Item Balance[edit]
Gameplay - Immersion & Role-playing[edit]
Gameplay - Quests & Stories[edit]
Gameplay - Skills & Perks[edit]
User Interface[edit]
Audiovisual - Lighting & Weather[edit]

Post Release Changes[edit]

The changes below have been made since the Guide's current version release.

Guide Changes[edit]

  • The MO Tool Setup section has been updated and refined for better handling of xEdit output files.
  • Updated Cleaning Vanilla Master Files section to reflect the updated MO Tool Setup.
  • General refinement of text formatting and instructions throughout the Guide.

Mod List Changes[edit]

Audiovisual - Models & Textures[edit]
Gameplay - AI & Combat[edit]
Gameplay - Quests & Stories[edit]