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Create Mods[edit]

Mod pages are required in order to add them to BeyondSkyrim Guides. Some mods also require specific instructions. Many mod pages already exist, but new mods will need to be added as modding for the game evolves.

Begin typing the mod name into the field below. If the mod page exists, you will be taken to the existing mod page for edit; otherwise, you will be taken to a blank form to create the page.

Create & Edit Game Mod Lists[edit]

Concepts (dynamic Categories) are needed to associate mods with mod groups for the BeyondSkyrim guide. All games require one Concept per mod group. Concept pages are like Concept:BeyondSkyrim_ModGroup_01-Tools. Creating the Concept page only needs to be done if it does not exist. New supported games will need to be added to Property:Game if they are not listed in the drop-down menu. All games rely on the same 20 mod groups.

STEP 1 - (Step team only) Create Concepts:

STEP 2 - ModList Create/Edit: Enter the BeyondSkyrim guide version into the following forms below at left.

  • "Edit Existing" - loads the guide version for edit if it exists
  • "Propagate" - (Step team only) preloads the most recent official guide version if the existing version does not exist
Unofficial guide creators:
  • Please prepend your version id with "Unofficial-YourUserName", and use dashes instead of spaces.
  • If you want to propagate an existing guide to get a head start on your next version, please navigate to your current guide at:
    ...and copy all markup to the new version-name location when creating the new page.

STEP 3 - Add Mod Recommendations: Most guides have specific instructions or configurations for particular mods. We suggest that these instructions be modified at this point so that they show up correctly in your guide, but this can also be done later. If the ModList page was saved, then all mods in the list should be 'aware' that they belong to the Version of the ModList, but it can also take some time for the data to propagate. TIP: You can right click mod names in the ModList to access the mod for edit.

STEP 4 - Copy/Edit Guide: Copy the development guide using the current BeyondSkyrim guide as a starting point if one exists. This only needs to be done once to generate a good basis for a new guide. This currently only works for official STEP guides.

STEP 5 - Copy/Edit Changelog: Copy the development changelog using the current BeyondSkyrim changelog as a starting point if one exists. This only needs to be done once to generate a good basis for a new changelog. This currently only works for official STEP guides.



        COPY BeyondSkyrim DEVELOPMENT GUIDE (edit)

        COPY BeyondSkyrim DEVELOPMENT CHANGELOG (edit)