SkyrimSE:(SKSE64) Havok Fix

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(SKSE64) Havok Fix

by R3zy




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Install this mod without any special configuration. It will be the simplest solution and all that is needed for most systems.

Depending on the GFX dirvers and PC environment, another option is available that may alleviate certain issues on higher-end PCs without having to cap frame rate. Read on for details.

After completing the guide and loading into the game for the first time, if there are issues like the following and no tweaks that fix:

  1. Input lag
  2. Stuttering
  3. Missing cursor on alt+tab or other cursor issues
  4. Other miscellaneous GFX bugs

... try disabling this mod and using SSE Dispay Teaks instead.

~z929669Ixian Insignia.pngTalk 18:24:27 3 January 2023 (UTC) wtote the following:

Rather than following the relevant display settings exactly as described in the STEP Guides, SSE Dispay Teaks was a much better option for my system. I also have a monitor with 144 Hz refresh. Configuring my setup as follows (all else remaining true to STEP Guides' recommendations) fixed all of my glitches without capping my frame rates (indoor/outdoor FPS range with max textures and settings in all mods and config ~ 70-144):

Radeon Adrenalin software for Skyrim deviations (from default) as follows:

  • Radeon Anti-Lag set to "On"
  • Wait for Vertical Refresh (Radeon driver vsync) set to "Off, unless application specifies"
  • AMD Freesync (analogous to Nvidia G-SYNC, but slightly inferior) set to "AMD Optimized"

... with BethINI deviations as follows:

  • VSync (unticked)
  • Lock Frame Rate (unticked)

... and SSEDisplayTweaks.ini deviations as follows:

  • SwapEffect=flip_sequential
  • MaxFrameLatency=1
  • MaximumRefreshRate=144 (or set to your monitor's refresh rate)
  • FramerateLimit=144 (or set to your monitor's refresh rate)
  • MaximumFramerate=144 (or set to your monitor's refresh rate)