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SR:LE without ENB and Climates of Tamriel

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Hey, first of all thank you Neo for putting such a great amount of effort in this guide that made modding skyrim much less of a headache, I'm learning a lot as i follow this guide.


I have followed the guide to the letter so far, except i skipped the ENB installation and instead only installed the three files necessary for ENBoost and made the ini changes accordingly. I am worried vividian ENB will slow down my system too much.


So i guess my question is can i replace :

Vividian ENB

Climates of Tamriel



And instead have:





For better performance?

And could i add/remove vividian ENB later down the road safely?


I do however forsee problems with parallax textures so I'm guessing i can install non parallax versions of vivid landscapes etc instead?


Also in an unrelated question, i have just merged :








Does this mean i can now disable the above esp's (in the right pane) and use the merge patch instead?


Thank you very much

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Should be fine assuming RCRN and Imaginator are compatible. Just curious, what are your system specs? Maybe using an ENB will be possible, and Vividian is quite performance friendly.


Yes you can add/change/remove an ENB later on. You may need to redo your patches for Real Snowflakes / Real Shelter though if you change weather mods.


Yes, just use the Better Quest Objective merged esp now. You can delete the others now.

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Thanks for the reply, 


I have used them both before together and they worked well from what I could see.


My Specs are:

Nvidia 880M GTX    (Im using a Laptop)

i7 4900-mq

8gb Ram

with Skyrim on an SSD


I'm quite far off his 980 GTX and after testing with all the textures he recommends I get 45-50 FPS while standing at the top of dragons reach. And I am hoping to install JK's Skyrim as well :/




On an unrelated note Vivid landscapes causes warping meshes (Not like the enb warping but the mesh would shift instantaneously)  even when installing the non ENB versions, So I had to delete those meshes (Well hide them).

I tried everything, setting Enboost parallax fixes, reinstalling Non ENB Patch, I even uninstalled Vivid landscapes and used ONLY the non ENB patch and STILL some rocks and landscapes warped when moving around them. I gathered the the author of vivid landscapes hasn't properly fixed non enb meshes. (That being said the ENB versions still flickers with enboost properly configured so i dont know).


Anyway thanks for the reply, it's much appreciated. 

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I think your 880M GTX has a similar performance to my 760 GTX, and I can run an SRLE and an ENB fine while mostly keeping above the 30 fps target in difficult outdoor areas (1080p). Some minor stuttering to sort out, but I think that's due to only having only 2GB VRAM.


Last I tried JK's I had a lot of fps drops (Whiterun especially). Might be a VRAM issue although I've read of people with much better GPU's still having problems with JK + SMIM. If you aren't using a full ENB though you might not have any problems.


About Vivid Landscapes - Do you only have ENB setup for enb boost? If so you won't get any parallax effects.


I think your system would be able to handle Vividian. But if you want better performance another option might be RCRN plus a light ENB - something like https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40729/?


You could set it up to enable parallax.. and of course you get all the other nice benefits of ENB like improved shadows etc

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Yes absolutely it's about on par with a 760 GTX. Well maybe I will give it a go then :) I doubt it will fix the meshes shifting in vivid landscapes as I used to run a full Realvision ENB preset and still had the same effects. (If I go to Markarth and look at the rocks to the left and right it shows up most prominently) 


I am basically using the 0.279 ENB Wrapper with "UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true"   and disabled Effects in ENBprefs.ini


I was under the impression that this was sufficient for Enboost and Parallax? 


I am actually not too keen on Parallax anyway as the minor warping up close kinda distracts me, I just wish the meshes didn't shift on Vivid landscapes :( I saw someone who has the same issues and he had to disable the architecture and landscapes folders in Vivid landscapes, even with the Non ENB patch.


Yes JK's skyrim was a massive hit for me as well haha, even with no ENB, I went down to 30fps at Dragonsreach . I might follow that guide for medium systems running SR:LE and drop those textures a bit. I've been following this guide for 4 days now, whats 1 more day I guess. 



BTW do you know of a plugin list for SR:LE that I could look up to make sure I got everything needed?


Thanks a bunch 

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