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Possible problem found in setup guide

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I've been following the setup guide here: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited


Apart from a couple of minor things it has been easy to follow


However, I ran in to a problem with the section that covers running LOOT in Mod Organizer for the first time.


I'm new to this process, so this is just my guess, but I think that you are meant to do the step quoted below before running the sort function in LOOT

Check the box next to the DLC ESMs but leave the HRDLC ESPs unchecked in the "Plugins" tab of the Mod Organizer right pane.

In the guide, the step above only comes after the step shown below. When I followed the (current) order in the guide, ran the sort in LOOT and returned to Mod Organizer it threw up an error and claimed  the first HighRes texture pack was not a bsa file. After much head scratching I guessed it had been corrupted somehow (by the LOOT sort process?).

Select "LOOT" from the drop-down above the right pane of the Mod Organizer window.Click the [Run] push button.Find the icon that looks like a horizontal bar graph (mouse over text should state "Sort Plugins") and click it.After some processing, the calculated load order is displayed in the right pane of LOOT. Click the [Apply] button to apply the load order.Click the [X] on the title bar to close LOOT.

I redownloaded the file from Steam and then did the steps again, but this time unchecked the hires packs on the right before running the LOOT sort and everything worked fine


I dont think the file had gone corrupt on its own. I had verified the files via steam after initial download and Mod Oragnizer was not complaining until I sorted with LOOT whilst the 3 HighRes packs were ticked on the right.


I guess this could be caused by something else, but from my experience it seems the order of the instructions caused this and needs to be tweaked

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