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MO Says Load Order Wrong; Question on STEP Patch



(1)I'm following STEP for my second time. This time I followed everything 100%, to the letter - even the stuff I don't want to use when I play - having learned from my mistake long ago when I installed STEP for the first time and picked and chose what I wanted. However now that I am finished with installing all plugins, I find myself getting a great deal of load order problems reported by Mod Organizer. This Screenshot shows my issue.


In the screenshot I have two mods disabled - Follower Trap Safety and The Choice is Yours - because I do not plan on using them and I don't want extraneous scripts adding to script lag. However even with them activated, I still have the same six load order issues listed by MO.


It tells me these 6 mods are all out of order, despite having them ordered in the left pane exactly as they are listed on the STEP wiki, and having sorted them via LOOT with all the proper metadata edits. So I'm lost as to why MO is reporting my left-pane load order is wrong. It's probably something simple, but I'm not familiar enough with STEP to understand why these errors are reported.


(2)Finally, I have another question that pertains to STEP Patches. There are several mods in STEP Extended that I do not plan on using when I play, so I can rule out the Extended patch I assume. I had wanted to use the Core patch, but unfortunately I see RaceMenu is a Core mod. I prefer Enhanced Character Edit and won't use RaceMenu when I play, so does this completely disqualify me from using the Core Patch?


The easiest way to put it is: are there any Core mods that are excepted in the Core patch and not required in order to use that patch?


Thanks for any assistance. I have my computer specs here since the forum told me to post them, but they're likely irrelevant.

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Oh my, I'm not sure how I didn't see that while Searching. Thanks I say. The messages threw me off since STEP specifically mentions in an installation note to hide a file in order to avoid MO popping up with a conflict. Given that, the fact that it didn't mention these conflict messages made me think I did something wrong.


I still have a lingering question about the Core Patch. I know partial installations are not support and not tested, but I'm still curious. RaceMenu is not a master of the Core Patch, so are there any guesses at whether dropping RaceMenu but keeping the Core Patch would cause problems ?

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