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Lag issues after installing skyrim revisited, not sure what to do



So I finally finished my first installation of this mod and am extremely happy with the quality and life that it breathes into the game! This being said I have run into some... odd lag and crashes. First off, sometimes randomly (seems to happen near structures) the ambient outdoor lighting starts flicking from dark to light as if ENB keeps swapping lighting and makes my game go down to 5fps until I relocate. I have also noticed that I get macrostuttering while looking around near and in holds and huge frame drops when near the larger holds on the outside. My game also CTDs while inside of whitening or windhelm for a minute or less.


I have installed ENboost for revisited as well as the sheson memory fix for skse (although I might have installed this wrong since the installation instructions were kind of confusing)


My current rig is this:


Intel i5 4690k at stock speed

8gb Ddr 3 mushkin ram

Nvidia 750 ti by xfx

7200 rpm 2tb hdd

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