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Couple of issues...

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Hi, I thought I'd make a new thread for all the bugs I find during my play through. Maybe it'll help someone?


1. Can't move player-made tanning rack if smithing exp when tanning is enabled.


2. Consuming a milk jug once will magically turn it into a 3/4 flin bottle lol. Makes embry happy I'm sure.


3. Due to the CACO mod, when you cook, salt piles are turned into salt. This makes it impossible to make soaps which require salt piles and are made via the cooking pot.


***when converting salt piles to salt, your cooking skill will continue to increase... Essentially breaking the cooking skill mechanic. Also, my water skins aren't detected as water for some reason? AFAIK there is meant to be ineed compatibility.


4. Repeated redudant recipes that haven't been removed from the vanilla game. An example being the apple cabbage stew that requires salt piles. SALT PILES DONT EXIST ANY MORE DAMMIT!


Will be updating this in the future if something turns out to be user-related :p or if I find more.

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