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MO update to version 1.3.11, one file was not updated



I updated to 1.3.11 today. It downloaded the required content, and then installed, then said MO was restarting.


I clicked yes, MO closed, but then a Windows alert popped up saying 19 files could not be updated because Mod Organizer UI was still open (even though the MO window had closed).


I clicked skip on the first file (I forgot the name), but then I remembered Windows Task Manager could be used to kill invisible processes. I killed the straggler MO process, and proceeded to update all remaining 18 files.


The problem bugging me now is that the first file I skipped may have been crucial.


Is there any way I can verify the integrity of my v1.3.11 files, or if I can reinstall the update without affecting installed mods/profiles/hotbar links (these 2l9iy0.png) ?



Thanks in advance.








A second, unrelated issue: I can't seem to download this mod from the nexus. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11543/?


It keeps showing up in the downloads section as incomplete and does not complete (or even go above 0%) no matter how many times I restart MO. When I first click the download link, MO tells me that I've downloaded it before, and asks me if I want to download it under a different name. I click yes and it proceeds to get stuck like this. No other mod has the same problem as this one (even if downloaded under a different name), and this mod had this problem since before I upgraded to 1.3.11.


I've already gone to the downloads folder to delete the Crainte Vomir temp files I could find, and restarted MO, but the problem keeps coming back. Help?


Edit: this problem is now occurring with Safety Load as well. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46465/? I downloaded it before and can no longer re-download.



I also received an error 14 minutes ago on MO (post-update), not sure what it means. Here is the log: 

23:37:40 [D] Working directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer
23:37:40 [D] MO at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer
23:37:40 [D] initializing core
23:37:40 [D] downloads after refresh: 1
23:37:40 [D] initialize plugins
23:37:40 [D] looking for plugins in C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\plugins
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "bsaExtractor.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "checkFNIS.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "diagnoseBasic.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "gameFallout3.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "gameFalloutNV.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "gameOblivion.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "gameSkyrim.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "iniEditor.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "installerBAIN.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "installerBundle.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "installerFomod.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "installerManual.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "installerNCC.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "installerQuick.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "NMMImport.dll"
23:37:40 [D] loaded plugin "previewBase.dll"
23:37:40 [W] plugin failed to initialize
23:37:40 [W] plugin failed to initialize
23:37:40 [D] no matching plugin interface
23:37:40 [W] plugin "C:/Program Files (x86)/Mod Organizer/plugins/proxyPython.dll" failed to load
23:37:40 [D] downloads after refresh: 264
23:37:40 [D] game path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
23:37:40 [D] managing game at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
23:37:40 [D] setting up configured executables
23:37:41 [D] configured profile: 7BaseArmUNPB
23:37:41 [D] C:\Program Files (x86)\Mod Organizer\profiles\7BaseArmUNPB\modlist.txt saved
23:37:41 [D] validating login cookies
23:37:41 [D] initializing tutorials
23:37:41 [D] loaded language en-US
23:37:41 [D] interface Local Area Connection seems to be up (address: fdf4:bdd5:5d53:0:e0d1:240a:2ff8:a720)
23:37:42 [D] displaying main window
23:37:42 [D] retrieving credentials
23:37:42 [D] user is not premium
23:38:30 [D] Download started
23:38:30 [D] download requested: nxm://Skyrim/mods/11543/files/37922
23:38:30 [D] add nxm download: nxm://Skyrim/mods/11543/files/37922
23:38:32 [D] selected download url: https://filedelivery.nexusmods.com/110/37922/C r a i n t e   V o m i r-11543-1-0.7z?ttl=1444147713&ri=8192&rs=8192&setec=58640298f2573e34c43e0b7cc9457048
23:42:57 [W] no download index 0
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