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Wiseman303's Critter Fixes - FoMod instructions



I am new to STEP and am in the process of installing the CORE mods.  During each major stage I have created a toon and ran it around for a while looking for bugs, freezes etc.  The last time I did this I noticed that the alchemy fish (Histcarp, River Betty etc. were purple.  I eventually traced the problem back to the FoMod for Wiseman303s Critter Fixes. As I am only installing CORE I had not installed Bugs101 HD Support or Pondfish and Salmon replacer but these are selected in the Fomod.  Small matter in a big outfit I know but you may want to tweak the guide a bit.



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Not an issue, since, as you mention, the textures that are missing are supplied by a mod you have not yet installed.


The guide isn't meant to be used in portions like that... IE, If I install only Part E or Part F it will not work flawlessly. I'd expect small things like this while doing the testing in a fashion as you describe. If it's still an issue after all 'major stages' are installed, then there may be something to look at, but as it stands, I see no issue.


EDIT: I just reread your original post, and have an additional comment... if a FOMOD has something selected that you have no intention to install, then by all means deselect them... that would also solve this problem.

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