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Installing Fnis sexy move with MO..



Hello friends.. 

So i've just recently got MO to work with help from some people on the forum, 
Modding has been working out great so far, 

i got one problem though, I was trying to get a mod called Fnis Sexy Move,

So i did just as they told me to do in the guide, Installed Fnis everything was in order, i ran the Gen for users 
Got all these 


  • SKSE (V1.6 or above, V1.7 recommended because of memory fix, despite being alpha)
  • SkyUI
  • FNIS (V5.1 or above!!)

Also got the right skeleton, 
But for some reason, I just cant get the animations to work in game, 
I can however see the " Sexy move" In the menu in skyrim, but once i press it then it's totally blank, 
I can not press anything or change anything at all, 

I can not seem to post the screenshots of the current plugins i've installed so i will just link two screenshots from Gyazo.

Is anyone familiar with this issue? 
I could really use some help, Thank you in advance! 

also, Sorry if this was the wrong place to make this post, im new to this place.
Have a great day! :)

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