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Screen Tearing on extended LCD TV, help?



Have basic Skyrim STEP setup with a few extra mods, everything works fine while playing on my monitor at 1080p 60fps, the problem comes when I try to play through my 32 inch Panasonic TV (edit: Duplicate, not Extended), even with Vsync enabled, there is screen tearing no matter what I try. Just to be clear, this problem doesn't occur when playing on my Pc's LCD Display.


I thought it was a problem with my TV until I realized I could play Borderlands and Deus Ex Human Revolution at 1080p 60fps with no issues on the same TV.


I have a EVGA Nvidia GTX 960 SSC 2GB. Would love to hear any feedback anyone might have. It only seems to affect Skyrim. I've been playing around in nvidiaInspector and the ini files to no avail.


For a while I thought the problem was with the refresh rate of my TV, but after finding out that I could play other games seamlessly at 60fps that theory was busted.

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Just checked, experience the same screen tearing in Fallout New Vegas (EssArrBee's Fear and Loathing setup); not surprising considering it uses almost the same engine as Skyrim. Although, I would never play FNV or TTW with a control because of Project Nevada, so its kind of a moot issue, but I do enjoy Skyrim with a controller lounging on my couch sometimes.

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