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LOD displaying in loaded cell - DynDOLOD glitch?



Evening folks,


I've been running a STEP Extended build with Regs & MMO for a few days now. It has been stable apart from a couple of teething problems that were easily solved. I have new character with 4-5 hours of game time, which has been giving me an issue I've not seen before. If I load this character and approach Riverwood from the Falkreath direction, the correct meshes and textures stop loading in at around the bridge, and pretty much everything appears as basic LOD. Trees, roads, walls (and relevant collision surfaces) start to disappear, NPCs are gone, and by the time I'm down the hill at Whiterun there isn't much loading correctly.


If anything, the distant DynDOLOD is present and correct, and from a distance, offers more details than the loaded cell in front of me.





The only thing I've spotted that seems vaguely relevant, is an FAQ entry for DynDOLOD, although my issue is with all objects, not just trees.


"Q: Tree LOD: LOD trees show in loaded cells
A: Make sure all esp with ITM or deleted references are cleaned. See https://www.creationkit.com/TES5Edit_Cleaning_Guide_-_TES5Edit"
I do have one or two mods needing cleaned judging by the LOOT output, but nothing that appears to be obviously environment/landscape related (that may not mean anything though). Also, if I load a new character and approach the same area, the game cell loads in just fine. On loading my current character in the same session, the issue appears to gone... but if I exit Skyrim completely, the issue returns the same as before. If this sounds like a possible DynDOLOD glitch I'll have a look at it when I've got a little more time. I possibly need to update it anyway after finishing the MMO installation.
Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance.
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