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Perplexing Vanilla Skyrim CTD and Savegame Issue



Hi All, I am completely flummoxed by what is going on with my game. I have been consistently unable to load any saves unless I have removed a mod.


Any minor mod, doesn't matter. So long as there are no conflicts or there are no missing masters the Warning message pops up informing me of potential missing content and the save loads fine. Accessing any save games beyond that still requires losing mods in order to load it, though.


I reverted to vanilla Skyrim to see if it could simply be a conflict with a recent mod update and I encounter the same issue. Not only that but the game CTD's every time I try to enter Helgen Keep during the opening cinematic.


I have cleaned my saves, reinstalled Skyrim and still the same issue, which rather indicates that it may be either a software or hardware issue on my end. I just have no idea where to start.


EDIT: After cleaning out the Skyrim directory folder of all non-vanilla content and reinstalling from a backup, my ctd and savefile corruption issues have been fixed. Evidently there is something in the original folder that wasn't playing nice so I suppose I shall have to reinstall mods and other programs step-by-step according to the SR:LE guide again.


This is going to be a tedious process and I won't consider the problem "fixed" until I work out where the problem is so I will leave this topic open in case anyone else has some insight.

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