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Belethor's general goods - Blank Trade inventory



Evening. Strangest development with my latest new game regarding Belethor. I walk into his shop, engage in trading, and I notice both his and my inventory is blank in the trade window. His gold is displayed as 750, and my gold is also at it's current value, but there are no items displayed on either side. Screenshots below:








Since I haven't installed any new mods,I'm wondering if this is just one of those rare glitches that sometimes happen. Searching on the net yielded a single mention of this issue by someone over at gamespot, with no replies to the thread.


I was wondering if anyone here had something like this happen? So far,  no console command seems to reset his inventory. Killing and resurrecting doesn't help either. By now I started a new game a 2nd time with the same issue.

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