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How to install Skyrim Redesigned (ELI5 please)



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Help a brotha out. I'm super stuck with this one and I can't figure it out. Here's where I'm at: extracted the main mod, added the FOMOD to the skyrim redesigned main file, repacked it "skyrim redesigned-8954.7z, and here's where I get lost. I go to the icon install from archive in MO, and then I have no idea.

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Nevermind. finally got it.


In case anybody in the world ever gets stumped on this again when installing this mod with MO, remember, the devil is in the details. its all right there in the STEP text. Allow me to supply some emphasis.

  • after extracting the Skyrim_redesigned_FOMOD, make sure you open that folder to find the folder "skyrim redesigned FOMOD", then, open that to find the folder "FOMOD".
  • The "FOMOD" folder is the one that goes into the skyrim redesigned folder.
  • repack
  • install from Archive on MO, if the set data directory page comes up you didn't do it right. it should go straight to the Install wizard. choose the STEP installation.
  • Done.
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