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Question about textures and esps...



This question is going to put my ignorance on full display, so pardon me in advance.


When you have a mod that modifies both textures and other things, and a mod that provides only textures which conflict with that mod, can you swap out the textures of the former for those of the latter?


For example, lets say you have Pure Weather which, along with all the other stuff it does, has a texture for the night sky. Can you, instead of installing, say, an HD night textures mod, simply copy the textures from the HD night textures mod into the appropriate textures folder in Pure Weather? In that case, won't pure weather simply load the textures you've copied from the HD night textures mod?



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You can always replace textures as you see fit. The only issue you might have is that they do not blend nicely with each other, but that is mostly subjective. You can always try it out and see if you like it or not and then revert if you do not. 


Textures will not influence your saves etc. 

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