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Compatibility - Installing the STEP Core without deleting previously installed mods



Hi guys! Well I'm new here. 


I have been running a 150+ mod version of skyrim for about 5 months now, and I'd like to add more. 

I've previously been wary of downloading multiple mods/multiple overhauls due to compatibility and not wanting to remove the mods I already have installed. 


I found the STEP: Core and realised that a list like this, of compatible overhaul/addition mods is exactly what I'm looking for - my only issue is I already have half of them installed!!!

I also have a large worry about using them alongside PerkusMaximus and NOT using SkyRe (using both at once is completely redundant - and impossible I think!)


If I install the remaining mods from the core pack (and the non-core from the guide) excluding 2-3 that will clash directly with mods I already use, and then sort them with LOOT (through MO) will they work as intended - barring any direct incompatibilities with other mods I was running? 


I am happy to test each of the 20 odd mods I have installed that COULD clash - but I really don't want to test after every core mod I install!!!


Could someone give me some advice as to how to go about this? 


I'm running with all DLCs/UOSP/SKSE/Mod organizer/Loot/wrye bash/tes5E - standard setup. 


I am hoping to continue a saved game after all the installation but am completely aware that might be entirely possible (no quests done whatsoever, but a lot of levelling and exploration and kitting out of my beautiful house!!!)

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