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Couple of mod problems



I can't by any means get the Deja Vu mod to work. When I read books, their name/description doesn't change to "read". There was also another addon that would allow me to summon a horse by pressing "Home", but it doesn't work anymore.


I've only changed a couple of mods from the S.T.E.P guide. I'm using RCRN instead of Climates of Tamriel. Not using any ENB's. Everything else seems to work though but I can't be 100% sure.


Edit: I got Deja Vu to work by typing "stopquest sagflagreadbookquest" and "stopquest sagupdatealreadyreadbooks" then startquest both of them. Still can't figure out the summon horse thing though.

Also another thing. Sometimes when I shoot arrows, it takes several seconds before they fly through the air and hit my targets.


Edit 2: Deja Vu reseted everytime I exited the game or to the main menu so I gave up on it. I'm using "Unread Books Glow" instead.

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