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Oh, can't tell why, but I only get screen tearing whilst using Borderless window. Using Full screen mode I never got screen tearing. Heck I didn't even notice I had Vsync turned off in my skyrimprefs.ini...

I'll reenable it and retry borderless window to see, whether that was the reason... Edit: Yup, it was. Funny, I let Skyrim generate the inis freshly and it still had VSync disabled...


Disabling Vsync could be the reason for your performance gains.

FPS drops probably would occur, when your changing through cells and new cells have to be loaded, which are now a lot more detailed.

i've been wondering this for months. i could NEVER truly disable vsync. i'd disable it in Pref.ini, ENB, Inspector, everywhere i found it. but it never actually was disabled. i would not get tearing or a performance boost. (i did not use bordeless window). then i read some guy having the same situation. he said to add the presentinterval=0 line to the SKYRIM.INI rather than Pref. sure nuff that worked. i didn't keep it because i didn't gain all that much and i always worried about the physics problem. (which i actually still got before when disabling vsnc in Pref, even tho it wasn't really "disabled". as in i got no performance boost or tearing, but i still got flying physics stuff).

anyone know the reasoning behind this? just seems strange

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