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ini water tweak, testing and comparising


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I wrote saveini in skyrims command window to creat an ini file containing every tweak that is supported by skyrim engine. (alteast i think it is)  


And in the list under water i found  






Many say add this lines to the skyrimprefs to get better reflections.

Now i dont think that will make any difference as they seem to be in use allready (=1) with Ultra vanilla setting. 

Just to be sure i took 3 screenshots with and without those added to the ini and no difference. 


There are many more water tweaks that are not enabled by default ultra ini and I will test this out. 

And was hoping that some of you knew how Nvidia makes there comparison pictures, where you can drag a line to compare. See link. 



I will edit this thread with pictures once i get results from all the tweaks i will test. 

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