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I was unable to get SKYUI to propery unpack in ModOrganizer, so I used NMM to install it, and then imported it to MO, which worked.  However, on the BSA list, it shows there (SKYUI) with a red triangle/exclamation point next to it.  Is that something to be worried about? I know nothing about modding, and had read that you should select "delete the bsa" after installing in MO, but since I used this method, it was not an option.  


MO states that it needs a program (NCC I believe it's called) to unpack SKYUI and mods like it properly, however, it also states that it has to be installed to the MO directory.  But no true directory is created on my pc when unrarring MO, it simply makes a folder on my desktop with some loose files.  Yep, I'm a noob, so no need to point it out, but thanks for any help you can offer!

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Did that, it works, but there are three different spots in MO where there is SKYui... the "installed mods" page on the left, the ESPs tab in the pane on the right, and then the BSAs tab on the pane on the right... the BSA is the one that has the red triangle...when I check it on that tab, it goes away, do all three need to be checked? or is there a redundancy there?


I promise I wont ask any more, lol, when I get off work tonight I'm going to research MO in depth, but this is part of the issue I was having last night where the game would CTD based on what was selected. It feels like there are redundancies in the tabs, and the same items are showing in three different places.


Thanks again! (NMM was alot more straight forward, and I knew how to use that, but step says it's no longer supported, so I switched to MO last night)

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