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CTD Everytime I Exit Ravenrock (Same spot every time!)



Hey everybody. I've been trying to complete my modlist and everything worked pretty much perfect. Then, during my last tests I entered Ravenrock, which worked aswell. Then when trying to exit Ravenrock (the side with the Ashspawn Event) I freeze for around 5 seconds with a CTD following immediatly afterwards. I've tried it multiple times and even tried activating/deactiving plugins but nothing seems to work. 

This is my pluginlist: https://modwat.ch/u/Rexidexi/plugins

If tried uninstalling everything and redownloading/installing to see if I did something wrong - same result. I sort with Loot and some manual adjustment. Mator Smash is used for patching. Every mod is cleaned with xEdit. I've tried this on multiple new fresh saves. (No my Hardware isn't the problem either!)


Maybe someone can help me to figure out what the hell is causing the CTD. Thanks in advance!


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Possibly a bad mesh. A couple of questions, since you don't specify:


A) SE or LE for Skyrim?

B) If SE, are you using any mods converted from LE that use meshes?

C) If yes, have you run them through the NifOptimiser?

a) SE Skyrim plugin list is above, if you missed it.

b&c) I'm using some converted mods. (amidianborn textures, racemenu (yes engine fixes is installed), noble skyrim smim patch) all of them have been converted via Nif Optimizer and textures have been checked aswell.

d) Love your Darth Bane pic lul.

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Can't edit above so i'll have to do a double post, sorry. 
I just tried to temporarily remove both DLC02 folders (textures and meshes). Same result at the exact same spot. I would bet on a conflicted ESP or scripts?


Edit: I posted some Papryrus crash logs. 








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