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CTD'ing when walking out of Whitreruns front gate

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Hello All: Not a complete Newbie to modding but no where near an expert.


Installed everything according the instructions. All optional files, all merges, CR file in place, ran loot followed by xedit and sorted masters. Wrye Bash giving me all green.


Here is the problem. i can walk around Whiterun just fine. Enter any of the houses and local establishments no issues. I can even exit Whiterun via the main gate (open cities not installed), however the moment i step foot past the main arch by the stables, immediate CTD. Reloaded several times, all mods seem fine in MCM, and i stood and waited till it read "DynDOLOAD ready". 


The moment my foot touches outside the Whiterun cell immediate CTD. I tried starting at another abode and then using the carriage to access Whiterun, immediate CTD after the screen fades from entering the carriage.


Any help would be appreciated.


Windows 10

16gm RAM

AMD Rx390 8gb Vram (2x) (BTW running the tint at 1024 instead of 2048 fixes all AMD flickering)

i7 processors.


Have latest enb binaries installed, updated drivers.


Thank you ion advance for any assistance you can give.

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Update to the above issue. I spent today installing this setup via MM. Deleting bsl's, esp's and making the necessary file changes as instructed int his set up. 

Alternate life opened just fine, became owner of Breezehome just fine, walked all around Whiterun just fine. Exited the main gate and that loaded fine.


Walked down the path and out the main arch headed to the stables, another CTD the second one foot exits Whiterun.


Any help would be appreciated and i realize it is operator error. Just want to know where to start looking for the resolution.

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