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OK, so how do I unkill someone...



It appears that in my eagerness to go off-piste and explore I may have just... inadvertently... you know... well, killed someone I shouldn't have!


I am currently running through another of the Beyond Reach main quests (Come hither horror) and find that I have already cleared the featured dungeon including dispatching the final guardian, a guardian who it now seems I have to kill in the presence of the following NPC to complete this quest stage!  The body is still there, complete with floating quest marker, but apparently the quest doesn't like it already being dead.


I have tried SetObjectiveCompleted arnimamainquest6new 30 1 - didn't do anything.  I have tried setstage arnimamainquest6new 35 which has set the next stage, but the previous is still incomplete and the NPC I am now supposed to follow is still hanging around for me waiting to kill the already dead thing.


I have tried reanimate spells and resurrect scrolls on the corpse but I just get the message 'too high level for spell/scroll to work'.


Is recycleactor the correct console command to use?  The corpses inventory is already empty (must have already looted it) so what's the correct syntax for the command to reset the actor and refill their inventory - recycleactor <#> or just recycleactor #


Other than that any other suggestions (not including load a save before you killed it as that's like 4 hours ago!)

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You can get the refID for an NPC one of four ways: by clicking on them, by looking it up in a list online (obviously not helpful for mods), using this tool for TES5Edit, or by typing "save funclist 1" into the console. The last method will display ALL refIDs in the save though, so you will have to look through it to find your desired NPC. The first method is the most surefire way to do it for mods, the last method is probably the second best.


Another way to get the refID is load an older save where you can stand next to the NPC, click him/her in the console, then load your regular save. They'll stay selected and you can use console commands on them.

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I realised the reason I wasn't getting the refID on the corpse was because it was floating in cave water and the ID I was getting was the static one for the water!  Clicking on the corpse and lifting it out of the water was all that was needed to display the correct ID, and then recycleactor worked perfectly.  I was able to kill them (again) and go on my merry way.

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