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Missing Enchanting Table Textures



First off, excellent guide, it completely changed the way I mod Skyrim and I've learned tons along the way. Gone are the days of using NMM, gone are my CTD woes. Now on to the issue. Everything runs tits, not a SINGLE CTD to speak of, BUT - all of the enchanting tables glow blue and are missing their textures. I tried following the answer on this link "https://forum.step-project.com/topic/11123-tracking-down-missing-textures/?hl=%2Bmissing+%2Btextures&do=findComment&comment=177293" to try and track down the missing texture, but didn't get very far as I don't entirely understand what I'm doing.

What I know:

1. The likely culprit is "FXAmbBeamSlowFog02.nif"

2. The last esp to modify it was "EnchancedLightsandFX.esp"

3. My enchanting tables are still blue.


Any suggestions on what steps I should take to resolve this? 

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