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Confusion with Mod Organizer and ENB Organizer

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Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can help me...


I've been following the SRLE: Legacy of The Dragonborn Reqtified STEP guide and have just finished the part where i create am ENB binary in ENB Organizer. Unfortunately, at this point the guide doesn't go into detail on how to install a preset in ENB Organizer. (Understandable since it's not an ENB guide.)


However, i went on to attempt to do it myself and installed the TrueVision ENB. I selected "Use Global.ini" in order to make use of the binary i set up in the STEP guide and told it to use the "Skyrim0.308" binary i created.


The problem is, i can't tell whether the game is actually using the ENB when i run it from Mod Organizer, as it doesn't look any different.


How does MO know to use the ENB i set up in ENB organizer? I don't see how it has been linked to the modified skyrim profile i set up in MO.


Also, since doing this, i've noticed 3 esps appear in my plugin list called:

ENB Snow FX.esp

Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp



Have these in fact been installed automatically when i set up the ENB preset? If so, i assume i have to tick them in order for them to work. I tried this, but i still don't see a visual difference...


Can anyone offer any advice?


Apologies if this post is a little chaotic. It's 11:30pm (GMT) here and i've been going through the STEP guide for the last 4 hours, which is enough to fry anyone's brain!


Really appreciate any help i can get on this..

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In enb organizer you install only the enbseries folder, enbseries ini file and effects files if there are in there.

Any esp you find or other files need to be installed via MO to be recognised.

This is where i'm confused. I didn't install those 3 esps that appeared in MO. They were just there the next time i opened it. :/


Also, your prerequisite guide seems to change profile names. It starts off by saying to call the profile "Skyrim Modded" and then halfway through, starts referring to it as "SRLE LOTD Reqtified".. Confused the hell out of me at first. I tried renaming the profile, but for some reason it created a third profile :( Not sure if that's what's causing the problem with no ENB effects..


EDIT - Sorry, did you mean activate any esps i find in MO?

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Ah, ok thanks. Thought i'd just point the profile name out in case you wanted to update the guide with a consistent profile name. It confused me, so might confuse others too :)


The ENB i was using was TrueVision, but i didn't manually install any esps. All i did was add the ENB preset to ENB Organizer. When i next opened Mod Organizer, those 3 esps (listed in my original post) had just appeared by themselves. So i just wanted to know whether these were somehow added to Mod Organizer by ENB Organizer automatically? Hope that makes sense :)


Thanks for your help so far! 

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So there's no integration between ENBO and MO? If that's the case, how does ENBO know to apply my presets to the MO profile? Or am i misunderstanding the whole process?


That still leaves the question of where these esps came from. I did a complete clean install of skyrim and removed all traces of mods before starting the STEP guide. Any ideas?

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ENBO does not add anything in the MO folder structure. ENBO, when you activate the preset, it copies enb files to the main Skyrim folder. So even if those esps where there they cant be seen by the game since esp should be present in Data folder to be recognised. So something else must have been installed or in MO or in data.

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So weird. I did a scan of my computer and found those esps sitting in the TrueVision folder in my downloads folder.. MO seems to have found them there and added them itself. I've no idea how. I know for certain i didn't install them myself :/ 


Oh well, decided to start from scratch with the guide.


One last question though.. So, if, when i eventually do install an ENB, is it going to apply itself to all instances of the game? i.e - running the vanilla game or the modded version. I thought the idea of the MO profiles was to separate the 2 so i could revert to vanilla if needed, but maybe this doesn't extend to ENBs?

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