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Merge Plugins - Decompiling Scripts No Files Found?



So after getting excited about the Special Edition, installing, and playing for a bit with some of the early mods, then realizing it's not the same as a fully modded Skryim (i.e. SRLE) and also realizing it's going to take a while for many of the SRLE mods to be updated, I decided to come back to SRLE with the original Skyrim after a very long hiatus. I've been missing the world of Skyrim and SSE put me back in the mood to play!  ::):


I'm up to the "Mod Merges" point in Neo's guide and just did the first one (Bathing in Skyrim). I was able to complete it successfully and even went through painstakingly verifying every script, texture, etc. were copied to the merged mod correctly (since it was the first one I just wanted to see how it worked). But I noticed the following message in one of the log files:


Decompiling scripts
    Decompiling 3 scripts
  No files found matching R:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Merge Plugins Standalone\temp\pex\*.pex
Since I'm new to the Merge Plugins tool, I just wanted to see if this is normal? If that's normal and can be ignored, then great! If it's not normal, any advice on what I need to do to stop that message from happening? I don't know what scripts it's looking for in the Merge Plugins path in that case.
As far as I know I setup everything correctly and all my settings match Neo's screenshots in his "Mod Merging Subguide" except for directory paths of course. I have the Champollion.exe installed (32 bit version), have the PapyrusCompiler.exe path correct, and also have the TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg path setup along with proper MO paths. I'm not sure if there were any extra scripts or anything I was supposed to copy over before starting the merge, but I did make sure I extracted in place the "Scripts.rar" in the Skyrim/Data folder which was a very early step in Neo's guide. I hope this is just a normal message and I can move on. 
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I'm not certain since I'm new to this as well and I was a bit puzzled by getting the same messages, but it seems to me that that is just a message telling you that there are no extra scripts associated with those plugins. For me, it seemed to say something similar to that every time. It doesn't get registered as an error, in any case, so I think it's normal. It's basically just saying "I looked to see if there were any ___.pex to mess with and there were none" which I think is fine. But I could be wrong!

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