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Using MO with FO4 and Skyrim



I have been searching for this answer for a while, how do I set up MO to work with both skyrim and fo4? What i found says to install it in a different location.


I have one instance installed in my fallout4\tools folder and skyrim\tools folder. When I start both instances they are linked to my FO4 install. 


I have attempted to change the location folders for each, but everything seems tied to my c:\users folder. I have my FO4 mods set up already, am I going to have to wipe everything and start over to fix this?

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Your INI file for that game's profile is probably broken. You can either examine it and correct the paths to point to the correct game or simply delete that folder and create a new profile by choosing "New game" from that dialogue.


I had a similar instance where my Fallout 3 profile somehow was pointing to my Oblivion setup.

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Ok so I went into the %appdata% file and edited mod organizer.ini, changing 

gameName=Fallout 4
gamePath=C:\\SteamLibrary\\steamapps\\common\\Fallout 4



but that only changed the Fallout 4 profile to read the game as skyrim. I changed one, changed it back, and then changed the other, and afterwards the only thing it did was change my fallout 4 profile to be skyrim, and leave the broken one as fallout 4. 


And the fallout 4 profile is now permanently labeled skyrim. I can't figure out how to delete the bad profile, or rename the good one. 

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