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Infinite Main Menu Loading Bug

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Hello guys,


Whenever i start up the game, the main menu options don't show up, neither does any main menu music play. I was able to narrow the problem down to the SRLE LOTD Conflict Resolution.esp, since whenever i run without it, the game loads up just fine and i'm able to select the menu options. I've been trying to figure out how to fix this, but i'm at a loss.


If you need any additional information, you needn't but ask!


Thank you in advance

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Yeah had that issue, it means records from a master are missing and the CR can't find them.


You can always load the cr in xEdit and search for errors, mine was that my Skytest merge wasn't updated and there were 3/4 records that the cr didn't find.


You probably didn't do a merge properly or didn't update one or a mod,  causing this.

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I Just redid the merge with all patches updated.


It might no be from skytest but any other merge or mod.


Let me explain


  • Let's say the CR has a record from Skytest forwarded.
  • Skytest gets updated and deleted some of the said records and added others.
  • CR got updated for the new records.
  • You didn't update skytest but you still launch the game with the new CR.
  • You get the infinite loading screen because the CR searches for new records but the master (skytest) doesn't have them.

IT  could happen with any mod, try to launch the CR on TES5EDIT and make an error search it could pinpoint you which records are faulty.
Could also happen with the dynamic patches (DSR, dyndolod or ASIS)

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