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SRLE (Neovalen) Help Needed

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I've come back to Skyrim once more after another year or so of absence.. Decided I'd get acquainted with MO, Wrye bash tesedit etc etc. and look for mods. After 2 days of scanning nexus I'd hand selected about 130-ish mods, a vast majority of which are also present in Neovalen's STEP guide for legendary edition.


Hence I thought it logical to just follow said guide in it's order for at least all the mods I had selected that appear in the guide as well.


So far, I've worked my way up from Prerequisites up until RaceMenu, and at this point decided I'd try and launch the game and see if it's still launching and working. It... does launch, but definitely doesn't look like it should. In fact, the only thing that seems to be loaded in are the eyeballs of my character, and that's.. pretty much it.


Then I started disabling pretty much all the mods to see if that would make a difference, but it did not. Eventually, I disabled all mods until my Vanilla profile (which works) and Skyrim Revisited profile in MO were identical. The vanilla version still works perfectly fine, however, the Skyrim Revisited profile looks like this.


For reference, here's what my MO profiles look like which lead to the eyeballs-only result:

Vanilla (works fine)

Revisited (results in this)


In case required, here a list of the, now disabled, plugins:

Part 1
Part 2


For Humor's sake: Me right now :/


Help would more than greatly be appreciated.



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Disabling the ENB binary has reverted my game from Floating Eyeball Freeroam back to Skyrim.  I suppose i ****ed up somewhere in that regard =)

Right now you only have ENBOOST and it's set up for use with an ENB, which you're going to install later in the guide (Vividian ENB.) After it's been installed, your problem should be fixed.

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