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failed to update mod list: failed to open temporary file



So Mod Organizer's been installed and working fine for a week or two, and all of a sudden yesterday I got a new error that I can't find any info on. Anytime I open Mod Organizer, close MO, launch Skyrim from MO, install a mod, remove a mod, or do pretty much anything in MO, an error pops up that says "failed to update mod list: failed to open temporary file". None of the changes I make are being saved or showing up in game.

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I know this is late but just in case you haven't fixed it and/or anyone else looking here: Did you delete your Temp folder recently? If so, go back to C:/Users/(your name here)/App Data/Local and then replace your Temp folder in this location. I had your exact same problem after deleting Temp and this is how I fixed it.

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