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Wrapped the following in nowiki tags. Calls to the mod template are reserved for mod pages only, as those templates affect category assignments which this page should not be a part of. -- Stoppingby4now (talk) 14:00, December 19, 2015 (EST)

{{Mod |author=Xaviien |sourcename=Nexus |sourceid=0000 |sourceurl= |baseline=Xtreme |forumtid=7129 |ModName=Sandbox |section=A |externalitems= |core=Yes |fps=Yes |vram=Yes |performance=Yes |quality=Yes |logo= |tpc= }} {{ModAttributes |resource=None |docdescription=No |docinstall=No |docuninstall=No |script=No |bain=No |fomod=Yes |optimized=Yes |skse=No |mcm=No |skyproc=No |esp=No |clean=Yes |cleanuninstall=No |core=No |merged=No |lorefriendly=Yes |fps=No |vram=No |performance=Yes |quality=Yes }} {{Gallery |enable=Yes |galleryitems={{GalleryItems |url= |caption=Avatar }} |align=center }} {{Recommendations |enabledetailed=Yes |detailed=This is where the detailed instructions go: {{AlertSmall‏‎|type=warning|text=This is a test of the emergency broadcast system!}} {{alert|type=warning|text=This is not a test!}} {{FOMOD Instructions |file=Weapons and Armor fixes Remade |{{FomodPage |Main File and DLC Selection |{{Fieldset |Main File and DLC Selection ||Skyrim + Dawnguard + Dragonborn}}@{{Fieldset |Options ||Customize Options}} |button=yes}} {{FomodPage |Select Custom Options |{{Fieldset |True Weapons ||True Orcish and Daedric Weapons}}@{{Fieldset |Dragon Priest Masks |None}}@{{Fieldset |Faster Arrows |None}} |button=yes}} {{FomodPage |Compatibility Patches |{{Fieldset |aMidianborn Skyforge Weapons |None}}@{{Fieldset |Immersive Weapons |None}}@{{Fieldset |Improved Closedfaced Helmets ||None}} |button=yes}} }} {{Notice Small |text=Please take no notice of this sentence.}} {{Loot Rule |rule=''This sentence has thirty six letters'' '''Load after:''' *Some other.esp (this mod)}} {{Notice |text=If you notice this notice, you'll notice, this notice, is not worth noticing.}} |short=This part appears on the guide page in the right hand column, and also displays on the mod page in lieu of a detailed recommendation, but only if "enabledetailed is set to no". }}