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About this page[edit]

This attempts to comprehensibly compare both Think To Yourself Messages (TTYM) and First Person Messages.

Dirtiness: First Person Messages has 8 ITM records, TTYM is clean (TES5Edit 3.0.29)

General note: TTYM seems to change the FormID of all its modified records...

Text dump[edit]

Game Settings[edit]

<> indicate placeholders

Record Vanilla First Person Messages TTYM Notes
sSoulGemTooSmall No soul gem large enough. I have no soul gem large enough. N/A Small conflict with Acquisitive Soul Gems - ASG changes the message to "Couldn't bind to a soul gem".
sFailedActivation Someone else is using this. Someone else is already using it. N/A Doesn't seem needed...
sCanNotTrainAnymore You must level up to train more. I need to rest before training further. I've learned all I can from a trainer for now. N/A
sCanNotTrainHigher This NPC cannot help you train any higher. I can learn no more from this trainer. I need someone more advanced to train me. N/A
sDeleteSuccessful Save game deleted. A chapter has been erased. N/A N/A
sOverEncumbered You are carrying too much to be able to run. (Blanked out) I'm carrying too much! Odd how First-Person Messages removes this message - perhaps for immersion? Then again, I would feel it if I'd been carrying too much...
sAnimationCanNotEquipArmor You cannot change armor while attacking. I can't change armor while attacking. I can't change armor now! N\A
sLoadFromMainMenu Are you sure you want to load this game? Continue this adventure? N/A N/A
sFullHealth You are already at full health. I already feel well. I'm already healthy. N/A
sConfirmWarning WARNING: Any unsaved progress will be lost. WARNING: Any unscribed progress will be lost. N/A N/A
sMiscPlayerDeadLoadOption Reload Restore N/A N/A
sMagicCastShoutWhileCasting You cannot shout while casting a spell I can't shout while casting a spell. I can't shout, I'm casting a spell! N/A
sLockBroken The lock has been broken. The lock broke. N/A N/A
sContractedDisease You have contracted <disease name> Contracted <disease name> I think I have contracted <disease name> N/A
sSaveGameCorruptMenuMessage The save game is corrupt and cannot be loaded. This adventurer's journal is unreadable and cannot be resored. N/A Nice typo there ("resored" should be "restored")
sNoRepairHostileActorsNear You cannot repair items when enemies are nearby. I can't repair items when enemies are nearby. N/A N/A
sPCRelationshipPositiveChangeText <So-and-So> is now your <bestest friend> <Whats-her-face> is now my <glancing partner> (Same as First-Person Messages) Sorry, couldn't resist. Wanted to sneak in a Bemani reference, but went for HR instead.
sFastTravelNoTravelHealthDamage You can't fast travel while taking health damage. I can't set out to travel in this much pain. I can't travel now, I'm being hurt! I don't know about you, but I think the TTYM version sounds really silly to me.
sEnterName Enter character name. My name is... N/A N/A
sNoFastTravelCell You cannot fast travel from this location. I can't set out to travel from this location. I can't travel from here. N/A
sCantQuickLoad You can't Quickload while the game is paused. Quickload unavailable while paused. I cannot quickload, time is paused. N/A
sNoFastTravelCombat I can't prepare to travel while in danger. I can't travel now, I'm in combat! N/A N/A
sSaveOnWait Save On Wait Scribe While Waiting N/A N/A
sChemsWithdrawal You are suffering from <drug> withdrawal. I am suffering from <drug> withdrawal. N/A N/A
sMiscPlayerDeadMessage Reloading the most recent save game Restoring to the last chapter N/A N/A
sPCRelationshipNegativeChangeText <Someone Somebody> is no longer your <friend> <Mr. Tibbles> is no longer my <enemy> (Same as First-Person Messages) N/A
sNoTalkFleeing is fleeing for their life. is fleeing. N/A N/A
sCantQuickSave You can't Quicksave while the game is paused. Quicksave unavailable while paused. I cannot quicksave, time is paused. N/A
sPlayerDisarmedMessage You have been disarmed! I've been disarmed! No! My weapon fell! N/A
sActivationChoiceMessage What would you like to do? I will... What should I do? N/A
sSaveFailed Save failed. Scribing incomplete. N/A N/A
sNotEnoughRoomWarning You do not have enough room to drop this object. There's not enough space to drop it. There's not enough room to drop this. N/A
sNoMoreFollowers You have too many followers. Too Many Followers I already have too many followers. N/A
sDeleteSaveGame Are you sure you want to delete this save game? Erase? N/A N/A
sDropQuestItemWarning Quest Items cannot be removed from your Inventory. I don't think I should leave it behind. This is too important to put down!
sRSMConfirm Finish and name your character? Finish description and reveal my name? N/A N/A
sNoEatQuestItem You can not eat quest items. It seems too important to get rid of. This is too important to eat! For some reason, I want the message to be changed to "Like taking a swig of this wouldn't cost me when I actually need to use this item productively".
sLoading Loading... Reading... N/A One of the goals of First-Person Messages was to reflavor the save function as a journal...
sServeTimeQuestion Do you just want to serve your time? Serve time in prison? I could just serve my time... N/A