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About This Guide[edit]

This guide conceived as a more modern alternative to the wonderful Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul (v 3.0). Its choice of mods inspired this list, other's are more to my taste.

If you want to use MSGO 3.0 as a base, you can, just ignore the texture and mesh mods you do not wish to install. Then re-build your executable using the Executable Modification and Management guide. Finally modify your graphics settings with the newer MGE XE.

If you want to start from MSGO as a base, please use The Morrowind (MSGO Upgrade) Guide

How to use this guide[edit]

Mod Name Special Notes Special Requirements
I'm a baseline mod I note something important
I'm an optional mod I'm a dependency needed for this mod
I'm a baseline choice Choose me or the other mods next to me of the same (green) color.
I'm the other baseline choice
I'm an optional choice Choose me or the other mods next to me of the same (purple) color.
I'm the other optional choice

Mods without a color are baseline mods and are highly recommended to be installed. Mods in green are baseline mods that essentially do the same function, but allow a choice tailored to you, the user, preferred experience. Mods in blue are optional mods that, while enhance Morrowind, might be too much of a tangent to be considered vanilla like, or be a mod that could have a drastic impact on game performance and stability. The mods in purple are optional mods that do the same function, but enable the user to choice an preferred experience.

1. Executable Modification and Management[edit]

This is a set of utilities that modify and stand beside your Morrowind Executable. Install these in order. If you want to change features in the Morrowind Code Patch, you must run the utilities listed after the code patch again in order (except for MGE XE).

Mod Name Special Notes Special Requirements
Offical Morrowind Patch Steam and GOTY users should not use this patch. Install before you install Tribunal/Bloodmoon No expansions installed
Tribunal It is important to install Tribunal before Bloodmoon, if you have both expansions. If you have installed Bloodmoon first, Simply reinstall Bloodmoon after you have installed Tribunal to correct an inherent versioning problem.
Offical Tribunal Patch Steam and GOTY users should not use this patch. Install this before you install Bloodmoon. Tribunal currently installed
Offical Bloodmoon Patch Steam and GOTY users should not use this patch. Bloodmoon currently installed or Tribunal and Bloodmoon are both installed
Morrowind Code Patch 2.1 Place in Morrowind's root Directory before executing. Ensure that all bug fixes are enabled. It is recommended to toggle all "Mod related features" on, but its not necessary. Everything else can be up to personal preference, The utility gives great information about what each toggle does.
Timeslip's Exe Optimizer 1.9 Download latest program. Do not run it Morrowind's root directory. To use it, first manually find the Morrowind executable and press the patch button. It is not necessary to modify any settings.
No CD You must find this one on your own, you are not looking for a Morrowind.exe, but rather a patcher executable. Obviously, Steam users do not have to worry about this. This is optional.
4GB Patch Simply find the Morrowind Executable and tell it to patch.
MGE XE 0.9.10 Just install it to the Morrowind Root Directory for now. This will also serve as a Morrowind Script Extender as well as a graphics enhancer.

2. Fixes and Patches[edit]

This is the unoffical list of patches that fix various issues in the vanilla game. The Morrowind Code patch actually made some patches obsolete, so they will not be listed here.

Mod Name Special Notes Special Requirements
Telvanni UV fixes
Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.6 Link goes to UESP. Download Version 1.6.5b (BTB), then Version 1.6.6 if you have both Expansions. Install just 1.2.2b if you do not have Bloodmoon and Tribunal.
Redoran Door Fix
Mesh Fix 1.2
Texture Fix 2.0
Texture Fix - Bloodmoon 1.1 Bloodmoon
Cave Texture Fix 1.1
Poorly Placed Object Fix 1.2 This mod requires patching. See This post. The link in edit number five fixes this issue.
Illy's Solsteim Rumour Fix 1.0 Bloodmoon
Correct Meshes

3. Official Plugins[edit]

Before the concept of DLC (A concept Bethesda helped create with Oblivion), there were official plugins that were released over time for Morrowind, before the release of the Tribunal Expansion. Adamantium Armor and Helm of Tohan of these offical mods "fixed" the medium armor "problem" before the expansions did. LeFemm alowed the Imperial Steel, Steel, Imperial Chain, and Netch Leather alternative female meshs to show instead of the exclusively male ones, that Tribunal later fixed, in addition to adding two more female exclusive armors. The rest of the mods mostly enhance game play and add new quests. I added them to this list because they are official plugin mods and will be especially useful to a player not using the expansions. They are fun in games with expansions as well.

Mod Name Special Notes Special Requirements
Bitter Coast Sounds If you are going to install "better sounds", it is not recommended to install this mod
Area Effect Arrows If using Particle Arrows, be sure to use compatibility plugin.
Helm of Tohan
Master Index If you want to use this mod and have Tribunal, Master Index Journalfix v1.0 enables the quest to use the more modern journal system introduced in Tribunal
LeFemm Armor
Adamantium Armor
Siege at Firemoth

4. Gameplay enhancement[edit]

This fixes features and enhances gameplay, but not to the point that it changes Morrowind in a drastic way.

Mod Name Special Notes Special Requirements
Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attacks This delays the Dark Brotherhood attacks of Tribunal so you don't have to wake up to deal with an assassin in your sleep every other night. The attacks start when you have recieved 5 reputation points Tribunal
Postponed Dark Brotherhood Attack 2.1 Like above. The attacks start when you are the leader of a great house, have gotten far enough in the main quest, or have beaten the end game boss. This is the one I would personally recommend. Tribunal
Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack Add-On The title of this mod is misleading, it is a standalone mod. Like above. Its requirements for the attacks to start are if you have gotten far enough in the main quest or become a leader of a great house or a guild. Tribunal
Graphic Herbalism
At Home Alchemy
Hospitality Papers
Stalhrim and Adamantium Respawn Mod These items are needed to construct armor in the expansions, can be be exhausted to the point where a set of armor couldn't be completed. Especially Adamantium Tribunal and Bloodmoon
Oblivionized Magicka Regeneration Oblivion Magicka generation Formula Tribunal or Bloodmoon

5. User Interface[edit]

Mod Name Special Notes Special Requirements
MGE Hud Addons Example Example
Chocolate UI
Better Dialogue Font Example Example
Marbred's Compass Example Example
Ultimate Icon Replacer
Alternate Enchanted Item Icons
Magic Icon Border (icon replacer) v2.0
Vurt's Hi-res menubook and scroll pack v1.1 I recommend to install only Vurt's scroll number 3. Ignore his menubook texture.
Journal and scroll BG replacement Install the menubook textures, skip the scroll texture

6. Meshes - Base[edit]

Header text Header text Header text
Better Meshes plus Optimization Example Example
Mesh Improvements
Better Meshes Example Example
Better Bodies
Animated Containers

Textures - Base[edit]

Header text Header text Header text
Richer Textures
Swampy Swamps
Ultimate Textures - Bitter Coast


Header text Header text Header text
On The Rocks Optimised
Baldurians Scum Texture and Mesh Replacer MGE XE
Comberry Bush and Ingredient Replacer Example Example
Hackle-lo Fixed
Barabus' Fireplaces
Bottle Replacer
Flask Replacer
Misc Items Replacer
Silverware Enhancer
Better Weapons
Better Bodies
Steel Broadsword Fix & Resource
Particle Arrows
Souly Soulgems(!)