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First, I'll create the beginnings of a table that I can format, and do this before the query. Just contains the headers for now. I will use the template to perform another query in order to pull in information from the Mod Pages, and create each row within the table.

{| class="wikitable" style="width:100%;"
! style="width:25%;" | Mod Name
! style="width:10%;" | Section
! style="width:10%;" | NexusID
! style="width:55%;" | NexusURL

Then I perform the base query which will use a template format. Every row of data returned from the query is a separate call to the template. So 5 query results equates to 5 template calls. The limit is assigned a high value so that the "find more results" link isn't displayed.


I created the template Template:CoreModOrderedList for this example (only shows mods that are core)

Mod Name Section SourceID SourceURL

Then close the table after the query.