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General Notes and Stuff[edit]

  • General Description: Basically, Nehrim replaces the full content of Oblivion's game data with it's own. However, it will be recognised as a mod. - more indepth description what Nehrim is.
  • needs a clean, fresh install of Oblivion - need to figure out how to run Oblivion & Nehrim adajent if running Steam-version since I've done this only with digital version (and .. without Mo) o.o
  • same requirements as Oblivion
  • Installation of Base
  • many same tools as Oblivion
  • boost patches & OBSE, partially OBSE extenders are usable
  • lot of same texture replacers - namely QTP3 & RTNM can be used
  • Credits to external guides
  • Deutsche Variante erstellen - Kommunikation mit SureAI (?)
  • Note: English and German variations will have different mod setups since - well, German has more mods available. Maybe get some ppl excited and they'd do some translations - crosstranslations since some English stuff isn't available for German either... rawrrr
  • Mod list

Progress Notes[edit]

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