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Best Of Both Worlds - A TTW Guide

Introduction to "A Tale Of Two Wastelands"[edit]

For the uninitiated, "A Tale Of Two Wastelands" is a large mod/overhaul of Fallout New Vegas to incorporate the whole of Fallout 3 into the game, allowing you to play through both storylines (usually starting in DC and then moving to the Mojave from there, although you do have options) with the same character in the same playthrough.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Cool, huh?

Only things that you need are legal (as in NOT pirated!) copies of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas installed.

Well, you also need a mod manager to actually implement "A Tale Of Two Wastelands" but just running TTW vanilla? That's all you need.

However, you aren't reading this page because you want to run it vanilla, are you? Good...

Introduction to "Best Of Both Worlds"[edit]

This guide is not meant as (and never will be) a replacement for the installation instructions on the Tale Of Two Wastelands site, especially when it comes to the core files, but rather a supplement. Updates happen...changes happen. Look at the dates - if I say "Do X" and the mod author says "Do Y" and their directions are newer, that means that you should probably heed their advice as preferential, since an update probably happened.

Some of this guide is based off of the STEP guides "Clear And Present Danger" ( Link ) and "Fear & Loathing In New Vegas" ( Link ), but some mods have been skipped for personal preference while more mods that weren't on those lists were added for the same.