User:Qolore7/Viva New Vegas Someguy Series Tweaks

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Someguy Series Tweaks[edit]

New Vegas Bounties II Fixes[edit]

- Contains many fixes for New Vegas Bounties II. See mod page for details

NVBII and NVBIII Quest Hookup[edit]

- Lets NVBIII start after completion of NVBII

New Vegas Bounties I - Immersive Start[edit]

- Removes the message pop-up and start the quest when taking the note

Someguy Series Tweaks n' Fixes[edit]

  • Files used:
Russell - Floating Glanton Gang Member Corpse Fix
New Vegas Bounties III - Cooper Securitron Faction Fix

- Adds ragdoll data to the dead Glanton gang member outside the ant tunnel so the body doesn't float anymore

Someguy Series Worldspace Ambient Noise[edit]

- Adds natural ambient noises that lacked to the worldspaces of the Someguy Series mods