User:Qolore7/Viva New Vegas Changelog

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  • Added a note to untick copy general assets for the ILO merge


  • Added a note about the plugin limit at the top of the guide


  • Added a note about it being fine that UIO creates files in the overwrite
  • Replaced Securitron Hires retexture with Ojo Bueno (Edited by Qolore) which only includes the securitron retexture from Ojo Bueno


  • Added Realistic Safehouse Upgrades
  • Updated Semi-Transparent Door Glass (Fixed a similar issue to the Camp Mccarren issue but now with the NCRCF Visitor's Center. Debating if I should remove it or not because of these issues, and who knows if there will be more)
  • Added a little note of when to merge files or when to install them separately or whatever at the top of the guide


  • Removed Deimos (Not very lore friendly, plus trying to cut down on content additions as those are things you can add yourself)
  • Removed the Deimos patch from the ILO install instructions
  • Removed the YUP-EVE-WMX patch from the AWSO install
  • Added All Weapon Sounds Overhaul - Various Patches
  • Added instructions to remove the POPs as masters from AWSO
  • Added Better NCR Supply Cache Loot (Edited by Qolore) to Qolore Gameplay Tweaks and updated the AIO file with it
  • Added instructions to clean AWSO
  • Added a note to disable all of the POP .esms (Thanks to Mortercotic for pointing this out to me)
  • Added A Way to the Lost (FO4) to my little suggested guides thing
  • Added some better instructions for the merge plugins guide
  • Added LegionAIFix.esp to the Bugfix + QOL merge
  • Added a note of where to put tmzLODadditions.esp in your load order
  • Exchanged Mator Smash for a traditional Bashed Patch and Merged Patch (Instructions for adding bash tags and creating the patches at the bottom of the guide. Not sure how an existing save would react to this, so be careful)
  • Removed Re-breather Sound Restoration (I could swear I did this early, I'm either dumb and didn't save or I'm haunted)


  • Added Threshold
  • Added the hotfix for Mojave Sandy Desert to fix the shiny sand
  • Updated Consistent Icons FOMOD (Might be worth a reinstall)
  • Added FOMOD installation instructions for ILO


  • Fixed a little issue with the Clarity install instrucitons (Forgot to mention what version to install, should be Dark Nights)
  • Updated The Legion Will Ryse (Edited by Qolore) to remove the ITMs, thanks to Binguz for pointing that out to me
  • Fixed Pipboy 2501 link
  • Fixed some formatting in the beginning to be more consistent with the rest of the guide


  • Added NAWEMO - NPCs use Ammo Variants and Weapon Mods


  • Changed the PM's Sweeter Revenge file from the 2k to the 1k (Just didn't want it to stick out too much since WRP is removed now)
  • Updated Someguy Series Tweaks (Removed dependencies on the POPs and added a file I forgot to)


  • Finally changed Burning Campfire REDONE - Honest Hearts Patch to my nexus version (Guess I forgot to change the link)
  • Removed Ultimate Illness Mod
  • Removed Wild Wasteland Integrated and added it to the Qolore Gameplay Tweaks Merge
  • Removed The Living Desert (Causes performance drops and crashes, also makes the wasteland way too crowded. Fair warning though, uninstalling this mid-playthrough, along with many other heavily scripted mods, can cause issues)
  • Removed Economy Overhaul (Way too harsh imo, you would have to invest all your points in barter to make trading viable early-mid game. Wouldn't hurt to keep it installed if you are late game already)
  • Added DiDisaan's Patch Emporium - JSawyer Ultimate Edition (JSUE - Ragdolls)
  • BIG changes to the Weapons Section: (If uninstalling WMX mid-game, follow the instructions on the page. Don't know bout EVE, though it shouldn't be too bad)
Removed all EVE related stuff
Removed all WMX related stuff
Removed all WRP related stuff
Removed Retextured FALLOUT Ordnance - RFO
Removed Cowboy Repeater with Peep-sight
Removed Bowie knife retexture, Hatchet retexture, Combat and Chance's knife Retexture, and Throwing melee weapon retexture
Changed the Cleaver and Chopper Retexture file version to the non-WMX version
Added Worn-Out Scope Crosshair Replacers
Added HD Hi-Res World View Weapon Textures
Added Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod
  • Changed the YUP - BLEED - EVE Patch to just the YUP - BLEED, and added instructions to add BLEEDNV.esp as the master for it
  • Re-exchanged RWL and Natural ReShade for Clarity since I can't make up my mind on anything!!!!
  • Added the Clarity patch to the Interior Fog Remover file, as well as instructions to add Clarity as a master
  • Removed Immersive Recoil 2.0 (I feel like the recoil is way too much, it makes guns like the 9mm and 10mm pistols feel like .50 cals)


  • Updated Rockin' Radio
  • Updated Mono's Spice of Life Package (Edited by Binguz)
  • Made Qolore Gameplay Tweaks into a merge guide, so you can pick and choose what mods you want (As well as added and removed some mods, so you'll need to do the merge yourself if you want the most up-to-date version)


  • Changed the NVSR updated .ini link (The one on the TTW page one got taken down)


  • Replaced Mojave Music Radio Extended with Rockin' Radio (Totally not biased to my own mod)
  • Added HR Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit
  • Added NCR Civillian Clothing


  • Fixed a couple mistakes I had with the LOD additions and improvements. Removed instructions to lock it at top of order and fixed some grammar
  • Removed the DarnUI patch from Consistent Pipboy Icons (Merged into DarnUI extensions)
  • Added a mirror for MCM Matches HUD Color (Nexus version is under mod review)
  • Fixed a grammar mistake with the ILO cleaning instructions


  • Changed DarnUI Extensions install instructions
  • Added a note to install the new addendum file for UPP in addition to the main file (Seperates the bug fixes and 'gameplay' changes into two files, can be merged. Anything requiring UPP as a master will need to have its masters changed in FNVEdit to the name of the merge)


  • Updated Burning Campfire REDONE to the nexus version
  • Added DarnUI Extensions


  • Changed MO2 Install Instrucions (Not supposed to be installed into your game folder)
  • Added The Main and Pause Menu Color Mod
  • Added the DarnUI patch for Upscaled Consistent Icons, and therefore changed the main file to the upscaled one
  • Updated Qolore Gameplay Tweaks


  • Added MCM Matches HUD Color
  • Changed Item Cleanup and Respawn to First Edition's edited version
  • Binguz updated his edited Mono's SoL Package


  • Fixed Trait Menu Darnified's link
  • Fixed install order of MTUI (Now below Darn)
  • Removed Ammo Effect Fixes (Merged into UPP) [Its in the Bugfix + QOL merge so you'll have to rebuild that]
  • Removed ADAM Reborn Fix (Merged into ADAM Reborn, thanks mortercotic for pointing this out)
  • Added oHUD DarnUI Patch
  • Removed Poco's High Res Goodsprings Tank and Skeleton fix
  • Fixed some spelling
  • Binguz updated his JIP CCC Icons
  • Added McCarran Escalator Glass


  • Changed Mod Organizer link to the updated Nexus version
  • Updated Qolore Gameplay Tweaks
  • Added Burning Campfire REDONE and Burning Campfire REDONE HH Patch
  • Removed JSUE - Ragdolls Patch (Smash patch fixes it)
  • Added Mono's Spice of Life Package (Edited by Binguz)
  • Added CardMaster.esm to the HUD/UI Merge
  • Added Someguy Series Tweaks (Thanks to Binguz for the idea)
  • Removed NVBII and NVBIII Quest Hookup (Merged into Someguy Series Tweaks)
  • Removed NVBII Fixes (Merged into Someguy Series Tweaks)
  • Removed Stimpack Hotkey from the UI Merge
  • Added another note about NVSR on W10
  • Moved WMM below VUI+ in installation order as it should be (Don't know why I had it below in the first place, whoops)
  • Added Retextured Fallout Ordnance
  • Exchanged LOOT Metadata changes for adding masters via FNVEdit for Simple Fix for Simple Street Lights, YUP Gameplay Tweaks, and Interior Fog Remover - ILO Patch (Makes the mod load after its master and is required for proper smash logic)
  • Exchanged Simple Saves for SafeAutoSave (Simple Saves was in the Bugfix + QOL merge so you will have to rebuild that)
  • Added Improved Rawhide Cowboy Hat Mesh
  • Exchanged VUI+ for DarnUI
  • Added a couple mods right below DarnUI that complement it
  • Removed Loot Menu - VUI+ Patch
  • Removed VHUD Remastered (Not compatible with Darn)
  • Changed Consistent Pip Boy Version file to install (Darn doesn't handle upscaling so you have to use the original size version)
  • Changed Vault 22 Flora Overhaul to Binguz's edited version (Thanks Binguz!)
  • Finally updated the Imgur link that shows what the game is supposed to look like at the end of the visuals section
  • Added MTUI (Edited by Vermin) [Only changes the dialogue menu background]
  • Added Fake Shadows on Ranger Helmet (Edited by Qolore)


  • Fixed Mator Smash instructions
  • Added Dynavision 3
  • Added a note not to clean Vault 22 Flora Overhaul
  • Added ADAM Reborn, ADAM Reborn Fix, and a couple other retextures right below it to complement it
  • Added a new merge for Dragbody's Faction Overhauls
  • Added ILO - NVInteriors to the ILO merge (I just forgot to add it I guess)


  • Fixed Didisaan's Patch Emporium JSUE - Ragdolls link
  • Added the correct LOOT metadata for RWL
  • Exchanged Wrye Bash with Mator Smash for main conflict resoloution for the guide. Still use Bash for the merge feature
  • Removed FNVEdit merged patch (Mator Smash does everything a merged patch would do and more)
  • Added Vault 22 Flora Overhaul
  • Changed the order of the changelog so you don't have to scroll for miles!
  • Changed Vault Suit Retextured to my edited version


  • Added Unfriendlier Persuasions
  • Added Take Chems Make Fiends
  • Added Interior Fog Remover + Interior Fog Remover ILO Patch
  • Exchanged Clarity for RWL + Natural ReShade
  • Removed Nebula Night Sky (RWL does night sky textures)
  • Added Didisaans patches for YUP - Ragdolls, JSUE - Ragdols, and JSUE - Outside Bets
  • Added Hope and Ford JIP CCC Avatars (By Binguz)


  • Added Wasteland Loot
  • Added Reasonable Stealth Suit
  • Added Dynamic Pipboy Light
  • Added clarity to the 4gb NV install instructions in regards to what to launch with if you have the GOG version


  • Added cleaning instructions for ILO - New Vegas Bounties Patch.esp
  • Added a Merge Plugins guide right below the LOD section


  • NVB2 and NVB3 Quest Hookup updated
  • Added some more to the considerations page


  • Removed Main Story Alterations (Part of QGT, just forgot to remove it)
  • Changed Simple Saves install instructions
  • Added Human Collision Sounds Removed and Robot Collision Sounds Removed
  • Changed FNVLODGen instructions to reflect the priority of Poco and NMC


  • Removed Dynamic Quantity Prompt NVSE (Functions merged into JIP LN)
  • Enabled the Fallout 3 repair system via the JIP LN .ini
  • Exchanged Wrye Flash NV for Wrye Bash


  • Exchanged FNV Classic Worldmap for Satellite World Map + Satellite Maps DLC
  • Added a bit of clarity to the FNV 4gb Patcher Instructions. Clarified that you should run the game through 'New Vegas' not 'NVSE'
  • Updated Qolore Gameplay Tweaks
  • Removed Character Creation Streamlined (Similar mod added to QGP)


  • Added NMC Texture Pack's update file
  • Fixed spelling and grammar
  • Added NVB2 and NVB3 Quest Hookup
  • Made a 'Future Considerations Page
  • Made my User page a directory for all the different pages from the guide
  • Changed outdated install instructions for Collision Meshes


  • Finally got around to starting the list of mods included in Qolore Gameplay Tweaks. Still a WIP because its a lot of mods


  • Added Textures over Time - Collision Meshes Patch


  • Changed MO2 setup instructions. Accidentally said to uncheck Local Game Settings when it should be checked


  • Changed install instructions for 3dNPC Fallout NV Bundle
  • Changed priority of NMCs pack and Poco Bueno
  • Re-added all the FNVLODGen stuff finally!


  • Updated Qolore Gameplay Tweaks
  • Removed Burning Campfire REDONE (Part of Qolore Gameplay Tweaks)
  • Changed Pipboy 2500 to Pipboy 2501
  • Exchanged Platinum Radio for Mojave Music Radio - Extended (Had a bug with Plat Radio where the same 3 songs were playing over and over)
  • Added 3dNPC Fallout NV Bundle
  • Re-added Ogg Vorbis Libraries (Accidentally removed it during an older update)


  • Changed Water Overhaul to Sigourn's version
  • Removed Barton Thorn Acts Normally (Part of Qolore Gameplay Tweaks)
  • Added Alternative Repairing
  • Added Super Mutant Overhaulord
  • Added Gun Runners Actually Run Guns
  • Added PipBoys to the People
  • Removed Missing Ammo Recipes Merged (by Sigourn) [Replaced by Ammo Crafting Schematics]
  • Added Adrenaline
  • Changed all of Drag's Faction Overhauls to by edited versions
  • Changed Semitransparent Door Glass to my edited version (Fixes a bug that completely broke Camp Mccarren)


  • Added Qolore Gameplay Tweaks
  • Removed 'Detected by whom.' (Part of Qolore Gameplay Tweaks)
  • Changed Ultimate Illness Mod to Sigourn's version
  • Removed Blood Transfusion (Part of Qolore Gameplay Tweaks)
  • Removed Faction Armor Redone (Similar mod part Qolore Gameplay Tweaks)


  • Fixed some spelling and clarified some things better
  • Changed the .ini tweaks section
  • Removed Vanilla Audio Restored
  • Added Comprehensive Item Cleanup and Respawn
  • Removed Misc. Item Icons (Already in YUP Gameplay Tweaks)
  • Removed FOV Slider (Use .ini tweaks to change FOV)
  • Added Hotkey Scroll Wheel (JIP LN NVSE)
  • Added Caravan Card Control
  • Added Stimpak Hotkey (JIP LN NVSE)
  • Removed NVR3, NVR2, and Drags NPC Overhaul
  • Added NVCE Revised
  • Added Vanilla Underwear Replacer


  • Added Ultimate Illness Mod which I apparently forgot to add
  • Removed Fix for Caesars Legion Armors as its incompatible with Legion Will Ryse
  • Removed Rifle Equip Sound Fix because its redundant with AWSO
  • Removed ENBoost because it was causing me and many others issues. You can keep it if you are free of these issues


  • Replaced Melee Reach Fixed - Ultimate Edition with the updated version of Melee Reach Fixed
  • Removed all FNVLODGen stuff for now due to multiple user reported issues and some on my end. Will try to sort out the issues at one point. Added Enhanced Terrain LOD in its place