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Qolore Gameplay Tweaks[edit]

  • Install of these mods normally unless instructed otherwise, and then follow the merge instructions at the end of the page. Or, download the file I provided that has every mod already merged:

Optional: Qolore Gameplay Tweaks (Fully-Featured Version)[edit]

- Has everything listed here already merged if you don't want to do it yourself

Magazine Vending Machine Replenish[edit]

  • Files to install
Magazine Vending Machine Replenish (once a week)

- Make Strip's Magazine Vending Machines replenish itself after a week

Eddie Hears An Explosion[edit]

- Irons out a janky moment in the 'I Fought the Law' quest

Better Hollowed-Out Rock Loot[edit]

- Adds more substantial loot to the rare hollowed-out rock caches seen throughout the Mojave

Main Story Alterations[edit]

- Adds a few minor alterations to the main story, allowing you some more freedoms during the game in an immersive, seamless, lore-friendly way

Useless Radios now play fix[edit]

- Radios that previously didn\'t play now play

Underwater FX[edit]

- Adds more realistic effects when you're underwater

Terminal Welcome Text Fix[edit]

- Adds welcome text to all terminals

Stronger Travelling Merchants[edit]

- Buffs the traveling merchants and most of the mercs with them

Shishkebab Torch Light[edit]

- Use your shishkebab to light your surroundings

Rose of Sharon -Cass- Cassidy Class Fix[edit]

- Cass's skills now match her character

OWB - Hazmat Suit Gloves[edit]

- Gives the normally gloveless Hazmat Suit from Old World Blues some gloves

OWB - Better Hazmat Suit - Balanced[edit]

- Makes the Old World Blues Hazmat Suit better, but still balanced

Ownership Tweaks For Doc Mitchell And Goodsprings[edit]

- Tweaks item and furniture ownership in Doc Mitchell\'s House and a few other spots around Goodsprings

Oven Cooking[edit]

- This mod allows you to cook/craft on all ovens in the game

Marcus Inventory Fix[edit]

- Reunites Marcus with his gear from Fallout 2

Merchants Repair Any Armor[edit]

- Now merchants will repair any armor you have

Lucky 38 intro poster[edit]

- Adds the poster that's in the Lucky 38 of the intro

Lonesome Road ED-E Dialogue Tweaks[edit]

  • Files to install:
ED-E Dialogue - Personable

- Tweaks the dialogue added to ED-E by Lonesome Road to make it similar to the normal companions

Lobotomites with Cosmic Knives[edit]

- They couldn\'t have shipped ALL of those knives to the Sierra Madre, could they?

Honest Hearts - Tribal Race Restoration[edit]

- Restores the African-American variants of each tribal race to the appropriately-named NPCs

General Martin Retslaf fix[edit]

- Changes Martin Retslaf from a ghoul into a skeleton

Convenient Fast Travel Markers[edit]

- This mod adds numerous map markers to various parts of the Mojave Wasteland with the intention of reducing the amount of walking required to get to certain locations

Companions in Zion[edit]

  • Files to install:
Companions to Zion 1_4

- Allows you to take your companions with you to Zion Canyon

Companion Corner Messages[edit]

  • Special Install Instrucions:
Use only the 'Companion Corner Messages + HH DM.esp in the main file

- Changes the message box that appears when firing companions and when receiving/losing their perks to simple corner messages that don't interrupt the flow of dialogue

Clear Security Helmet Visor[edit]

- Restores transparent Vault Security Helmet visors in FONV, just like in FO3

Casino Chips Retextured[edit]

- A small retexture of the poker chips in New Vegas Casinos

Bon Vivant Suite Permissions Fix[edit]

- Using the containers and clutter in the Bon Vivant Suite at the Ultra-Luxe no longer counts as stealing

Music Extraction[edit]

- Enables unused ambient music tracks from Fallout 1/2 for certain areas

Immersive Karma[edit]

- Removes all messages and sounds relating to karma change

Companion Radiation Suit[edit]

  • Special Install Instrucions:
Move the .esp from the 'Optional' folder into the data folder with the other .esp during installation

- Your human companion will wear a Radiation suit whenever you do

Well Rested Overhaul[edit]

- Expands how the Well Rested effect works

Favorite Centaur Moe[edit]

- Moe the Centaur is now more akin to the legendary creatures of the game, with higher health, fatigue, stats, damage, and size

Cottonwood Ledge[edit]

- Adds scaffolding, ramps, and bridges to the cliff North of Cottonwood Cove to allow more direct travel to and from Nelson

Bubba Shot the Jukebox[edit]

- Allows you to shoot and blow up radios

Item Name Fixes[edit]

- Fixes the names of some of the items in the game

Beyond the Beef Tweaks[edit]

- A few small changes to the Beyond The Beef quest aimed at improving options and making the conclusion more fulfilling

Negative Karma for Grave Digging[edit]

- Gives the player negative karma for digging up graves

Mother Lupa[edit]

- Simple mod that changes the size and stats of Lupa, the mother of the Legion Mongrels

Simple Reputation and Disguises[edit]

- Faction outfits only act as disguises if you're an enemy of the faction and no longer 'juggle' reputation - alleviating some associated bugs

Barton Thorn Acts Normally[edit]

- Barton Thorn seeks out the player himself to ask for help with the geckos

Blood Transfusion[edit]

- Something to do with all those useless blood packs

Janet Rakes[edit]

- Janet now uses a rake to tend to the Crimson Caravan brahmin pens, as opposed to a broom

Old World Blues - Path Lighting[edit]

  • Special Install Instrucions:
Use the OWB-Path Lights.esp in the main file

- Turns on all the blue garden lights in the Old World Blues DLC. Also scripted to turn them on at 2000hrs and off at 0700hrs

Zooming Scope[edit]

- Zoom your weapon scope view with mouse wheel

Novac Campfire 2017[edit]

- An aesthetically pleasing central courtyard/parking lot Novac Campfire

Loot All Cars Trucks Golf Carts Vehicles[edit]

  • Files to install
Loot All Vehicles DLCs

- Loot all cars, trucks, golf carts, patrol cars, etc with random stuff and includes opening/closing door sounds

Corpse Equip[edit]

- Dead NPCs to automatically equip apparel in their inventory after you loot them

No Grabbing of NPC Owned Items[edit]

- You cannot grab items that you don't own

Sticky Ragdoll Camera[edit]

- Makes the camera follow the player while he is ragdolling

Dogs Heads Will Explode Too[edit]

Skippable DLC Cutscenes[edit]

  • Files to install

Improved Traits[edit]

  • Files to intstall
Improved Traits

Cannibal Reborn[edit]

- Balanced cannibalism overhaul with immersive gore effects

Helmet of the 87th Tribe[edit]

Honest Hearts Workbench Crate Luck[edit]

Clean Character Creation[edit]

Black Mountain Radio Everywhere[edit]

Dead Money - Surprise Vending Items Restoration[edit]

Wild Wasteland Integrated[edit]

- Integrates Wild Wasteland into the game without having to waste a perk point on it

Better NCR Supply Cache (Edited by Qolore)[edit]

- Improves the loot found in the NCR supply caches from the NCR Ranger Radio. Edited to remove POP dependencies

Merge Plugins Instructions[edit]

  1. Launch Merge Plugins through Mod Organizer
  2. Make sure the path for the profile 'FNV' is correct
  3. If it isn't, correct it and if it is select the profile and click ok
  4. Right click on the list and select 'Uncheck All'
  5. Select 'FalloutNV.esm' and click OK
  6. When it finishes loading, click the gear on the top bar
  7. Change the settings to look like they do in the pictures on the right, but change to path to where your stuff is installed
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the plugins you are about to merge are continuous in your load order to avoid errors
  1. Re-open Merge Plugins and select every mod you just downloaded for Qolore Gameplay Tweaks
  2. When the background loader has finished, right click on the first mod from Qolore Gameplay Tweaks (Make sure you don't accidentally select one of the official .esms)
  3. Select 'Add to merge' and title the merge 'Qolore Gameplay Tweaks' for both boxes
  4. Repeat for every other mod from Qolore Gameplay Tweaks
  5. Once done, head over to the 'Merges' tab
  6. Right click on Qolore Gameplay Tweaks and select 'Check Plugins for Errors'
  7. Once that has finished click 'Done' (There should be no errors)
  8. Right click on the merge again and select 'Build Merge'
  9. Once the building is complete, you can exit and it should save automatically
  10. Deactivate all the plugins that have been merged