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Skyrim Revisited: Special Edition
Conflict Resolution Subguide
Last Update: 21:12:13 25 July 2021 (UTC)

Various mods will conflict with each other in one way or another, this subguide deals with fixing them. These edits can be placed in one or more new ESP files. For the purposes of this guide, all changes will be referenced as being placed into an SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp. If unsure how to do conflict resolution, it is highly recommended to reference the conflict resolution video here made by the author of SSEEdit. During this process, no mod files should be edited, only the SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp.

A premade conflict resolution patch can be downloaded <Link TBD>here if desired. It is highly recommended that the user do the conflict resolution at least once to learn how to make future patches for other mods that may be installed on top of Skyrim Revisited: Special Edition. Skip to final steps if downloading the premade esp.

Conflicts and Fixes[edit]


Final Steps[edit]

Sort Masters[edit]

When adding patches to the SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp various master files were added as required. Unfortunately, they are added in the order needed and not the order they appear in the load order. To fix this, perform the following:

Open SSEEdit and load all automatically checked files.
Right-click SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp and select "Sort Masters".
Click the [X] in the upper right hand corner, uncheck "Backup plugins" if selected, and click [OK].
Add Bash Tags[edit]

When leveled lists are fixed manually in the SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp these changes need to be retained in the Bashed Patch. This requires proper bash tags to be applied to the esp. Following the Bash Tagging Guide to add DELEV and RELEV tags to SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp.

Add To Load Order[edit]

Now that a properly made SRSE Conflict Resolution.esp has been created, it needs to be activated then properly sorted with LOOT. The location should be directly before the Bashed Patch, 0.esp file.