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  • check if all archive files are present
  • script that compares installation and zip, finds/lists changed or new files
  • if structure is the same-> no config file
    • else: write config (src, dest paths)

pre mod setup[edit]

  • $install Skyrim
  • $install DLCs: Dragonborn,Heartfire,Dawnguard
  • -check system, drivers and videocard
  • -download nvidia/ati drivers
  • -identify processes and utility software that might reduce skyrim performance
  • -no benchmarking for now
  • (dl fraps
  • (dl gpuz
  • (-gpuz log read out
  • Backup Vanilla
  • Configure INIs
  • dl HRDLC
  • dl TES5Edit
  • dl SKSE
  • dl BOSS
  • dl MO
  • install boss
  • install HRDLC

core mod list[edit]

[Query for detailed Core Mods]



Tool that helps in creating the copy commands for complex mods.

"user" in this example is a package manager from a mod team.


  1. let the user install the mod with MO as usual
  2. user can then adjust it appropriately to STEP
  3. start Tool
    1. extracts file(s) from zip(s)
    2. get dir structure from install - DONE!
    3. index and md5 hash all files from the install - DONE!
    4. index and md5 hash all files from the extracted archive
    5. search hashes and if equals found write: source path (archive) dest path (install)
    6. add all other (unknown) files to the archive
    7. output config file
  4. user then tests config with ASI