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The PC Keyboard Map mod by DMichaels provides a useful graphic keyboard map for the vanilla keys used in Fallout 3. These are the same keys used in most other Bethesda games, so the map is also quite useful in Fallout New Vegas and some of the recent The Elder Scrolls (TES) games like Skyrim. Unfortunately the map is in a .pdf file, and neither online PDF editors nor free PDF editors are able to edit it. Adobe Acrobat (the full program, not the Reader) or some equivalent professional PDF editor is needed if you want to add additional game-specific key annotations to the map.

One suggestion is to printout the basic keyboard map and then add annotations with a pen or pencil for the hotkeys added by mods. This can be quite useful during the game since it's hard to remember all of the hotkeys and how they work. For those needing more details on use of the pencil device (vs. a keyboard) see Pencil.

For the mods in the Fallout 3 guide the following additional hotkeys are used.

Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition

Grenade Throw Hotkey (default is 'G')
Grenade Toggle Hotkey (default 'H')
Hold Breath while shooting to improve accuracy Hotkey (default is 'C', recommend change to 'K')
Primary Needs menu Hotkey (default is 'Numpad Enter']
Scan weapon hotkey (default is 'S'); used only while in Pipboy inventory menu
Bullet Time Hotkey ( FNV default for this is 'C' but this conflicts with JIP CC&C so choose a letter that is not used by another program on this page. Ghostwise suggests using Mouse Button #4 (if your mouse has those))
Sprint Hotkey (set this in Sprint submenu. Ghostwise suggests using Mouse Button #3 (if your mouse has those))

JIP Selective-Fire

Hotkey (default is 'B') switches between fire-modes
Held for one second when the weapon is holstered: Opens the Weapon Setup Menu, where various settings can be configured for every weapon, individually
Pressed while holding 'SHIFT': Opens the mod's Control-Panel

JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating

Hotkey ('Shift' + 'Backspace') opens the mod's control panel

JIP Companions Command and Control

Hotkey (default is 'C') opens the mod's control panel


Hotkey to toggles flashlight on and off: (default is B, recommend changing this to 'L' to avoid conflict with "JIP Selective Fire")

Immersive HUD - iHUD

Hotkey (default is 'I') toggles HUD display on and off
Hold hotkey for 2 seconds to bring up iHUD settings menu

Adjustable HUD - aHUD

Hotkey (default is 'F6'); press hotkey until settings menu appears

Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision

Hotkey ('N' key) activates nightvision to increase the brightness in incremental steps
Thermal Imaging Hotkey ('M' key) activates thermal imaging and cycles though thermal imaging options

Powered Power Armor

Power Armor Menu Hotkey (default is 'P') also brings up settings menu
TRO Hotkey (default is 'Q') changes Thermal Regulation Override state

Stimpak Counter

Hotkey ('Right-Shift') allows moving position of counter on screen using arrow/cursor keys


Save Hotkey ('F4')
Restore Hotkey ('F8')