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If you are unsure of how to set up the two key mods in this guide (Fallout Wanderer Edition and Martigen's Mutant Mod), here are some suggestions.

The combination of these two mods makes the game richer and considerably more challenging. However, you can adjust the difficulty by changing their settings, and even backpedal to near-vanilla gameplay.

Both these mods, and several others, can have their options set right in your PIPBoy. The control modules are part of your Items menus ; most of them are at the top of your Apparel PIPBoy screen.

Mart's Mutant Mod (MMM)

We suggest that you keep everything at default, except for these three bits :

  1. Increased Spawn Settings - select Slightly Increased Spawns (1-2)
  2. Other Spawns - turn off the new behemoth chance
  3. Ghoul Options - set the rise chance to 25

You can access the MMM mod settings even during the Vault 101 origin sequence. In fact it's safest to do your settings while you're still in Vault 101, before any outdoors cell gets populated.

Fallout Wanderer Edition (FWE)

Keep everything at default, except for these bits :

  1. Damage and combat - set both radioactivity and falling damage to 2 (Moderate)
  2. Loot - set vendor caps to 0% (most caps)
  3. Feature settings - have bobbleheads provide a +1 to S.P.E.C.I.A.L., and equipped armour have a 50% carry weight bonus
  4. Primary Needs - in the Hunger menu set food to heal, and in the thirst menu set drinks to heal
  5. Ability Hotkeys - set Sprint to Mouse Button #3, Bullet Time to Mouse Button #4 (if your mouse has those)

You can access the FWE mod settings as soon as you're in the Wasteland, but not during the Vault 101 origin sequence.

These settings are meant to conserve a FWE+MMM experience that is quite close to the default, but less overwhelming and inconvenient as you discover the modified gameplay and determine your preferences. And it keeps the bobbleheads at the +1 level since raising your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.s is a Fallout tradition - though this later bit is mostly a matter of taste.